Crosshatching finished!

Yay! I got done with the crosshatching and SID.  Some of it could be better, but at this point, I’m just happy to be done with it.  A better woman than me might have picked some of it out and redone it, but I’m not that woman.  This quilt is going to go on my bed, not the into the Smithsonian.  I’m pretty happy with it, thus far.  We’ll see how stenciling goes next.  I won’t bore you with pics yet…looks pretty much like the crosshatching I already showed you.

4 thoughts on “Crosshatching finished!

  1. I would like to see your pictures. Hand quilting takes so much time, but it has a much different look then machine quilting. I have two quilts that I am trying to add more quilting. Problem is they already have the binding, so it is tricky 😦 But I don’t want them to fall apart.


  2. Look forward to seeing the pictures when it is done. Sounds like you’ve been hard at work with it.

    Glad ozjane figured out what SID meant…saves me racking my brain trying to work it out :o)


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