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Sunday Stash Report Time

Finally, I am back in a quilting mood.  I finished trimming the stripe blocks for my two 9P & stripe quilts.  I pulled fabric from my stash for the background squares and setting triangles for each quilt.  The pattern calls for 2.75 yds each, but I washed up 3 yds apiece.  I hate to end up a tad short, so I had a little leftover.  Here is a preview of what they will look like. 



The pattern calls for using a medium background in one, and a light background in the other.  However, on my light, I decided to use the same fabric for the setting triangles and squares, as I used for the background of my 9P’s & stripes.  I hope to really hone my quilting skills in all those open spaces.  I’m planning on lots & lots of feathers.  Will I be able to pull it off?  We shall see!

I did get started sewing them together today.  I’m sewing them simultaneously.  That way, I don’t get one finished, and get burned out, and leave the other sitting for awhile. 

So, I got almost 6 more yards out of my stash and headed into quilts.  I am also happy to report that I did not buy any fabric.

I’m still working on some beginner knitting projects, and completed two scarves, and am getting close to finishing a special shawl I’m knitting.

Sunday weigh in time! Last week, my starting weight was 150.  Today, my weight was……………..150. I lost a total of zero lbs. this week.  I really wanted to see a 140-something.  However, I’m not disappointed in my myself, because I did great on my working out…a total of six times this week, and I did not blow it with the eating.  I know this is just a natural part of the diet/exercise process.  I know I made progress, because I can see a change in my body shape, and in the way my clothes are fitting.  Hopefully, the scale will be kinder next week. 🙂

Remeber that I mentioned that I found a new buffet hutch for my dining room, when we went to Amarillo.  I finally took a pic.  I am really enjoying it. It has helped so much to have this extra space to store some of my stoneware and other dishes, making my cabinets much safer to open…lol. (you know, less thing falling out at you when you open the door)


Some gratitudes this week were:

  1. My son breaking away from an unhealthy relationship
  2. My 20″ Omnigrid ruler
  3. My new hutch
  4. None of us wrecked driving on the ice this week
  5. My husband cleaning the floors!

I guess that’s it for my report today.  Hope y’all have a great week ahead.

15 thoughts on “Sunday Stash Report Time

  1. Those are beautiful. That light one is going to give you some fabulous space to show off your awesome quilting!!! 😀 Now… how do you get your husband to clean floors?!! As for weight… hey… snowed in… you could have gained and you didn’t!!! Yippeeee!!!!


  2. Nice quilts Randi. When can we see that hutch?
    Good for you for not gaining. When it is this cold and I stay home and cook all the time, well……. its hard.



  3. hey, love the hutch. and the chickens too! how many chickens you have now? i think of you every time i see another one in a store. how many more ya need?


  4. I like both quilts – really really like the second one. And the hutch is fabulous! Great chickens, too! The scales will go down big this week – don’t get discouraged.


  5. What a terrific week you had! Love the hutch and the chickens! As for the quilt tops … I think they are wonderful and you will definitely be queen of feathers when you are through with those areas!

    Congrats on not gaining any weight and working out 6 (six) SIX!! times. Whew …. I’m tired just thinkin’ about it.


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