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Getting Back in the Routine

Yesterday, was day one back at work.  So not much quilting happening.  I have made some progress on my nine patch & stripes.  The nine patches are coming along quite nicely.  I have to have 44 for each quilt.

I have finished two knitting projects.  Matching scarves for my friend & I to wear to our sons’ golf tournaments. Nothing fancy and neither is perfect. I gave my friend hers yesterday, and she seemed to really like it.  Two other friends from work have already indicated that they wants scarves, too.  Good thing that’s all they are asking for, as I have trouble understanding knitting patterns, and may never graduate from scarves…lol. 🙂  Maybe the knitting DVD I ordered will be helpful.


I’m also trying to get back into my exercise routine.  So the first thing I did after work was hit the treadclimber.  At the start of my Christmas break/vacation, I weighed 4 lbs over the limit I said I wouldn’t allow myself to pass.  😦  As of yesterday morning, I have lost 2 of those lbs.  I’m also trying to get back in the Flylady routines.  Wish me luck…