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Getting Back in the Routine

Yesterday, was day one back at work.  So not much quilting happening.  I have made some progress on my nine patch & stripes.  The nine patches are coming along quite nicely.  I have to have 44 for each quilt.

I have finished two knitting projects.  Matching scarves for my friend & I to wear to our sons’ golf tournaments. Nothing fancy and neither is perfect. I gave my friend hers yesterday, and she seemed to really like it.  Two other friends from work have already indicated that they wants scarves, too.  Good thing that’s all they are asking for, as I have trouble understanding knitting patterns, and may never graduate from scarves…lol. 🙂  Maybe the knitting DVD I ordered will be helpful.


I’m also trying to get back into my exercise routine.  So the first thing I did after work was hit the treadclimber.  At the start of my Christmas break/vacation, I weighed 4 lbs over the limit I said I wouldn’t allow myself to pass.  😦  As of yesterday morning, I have lost 2 of those lbs.  I’m also trying to get back in the Flylady routines.  Wish me luck…

9 thoughts on “Getting Back in the Routine

  1. The scarves look great Randi, but the starry nine patch underneath them is awesome. If you have seen my blog you know I am doing the nine patch and stripes too but I didn’t get to work on mine yesterday. Maybe today. Have a great day.


  2. Randi, the scarves look great. I made my mom a scarf and hat for her birthday next week, but sshhh, don’t tell her! LOL One thing that helped me with knitting patterns was when I realized they were really only a combination of two actual stitches Knit and Purl, just all put together differently. And if there are more “stitches” than knit and purl, sssshhh, don’t tell me that either, okay?! LOL


  3. LOL Judy! I know there are only two stitches, but all the different crazy combinations, and changing colors, dropping stitches, adding stitches, blah, blah, blah…it boggles my feeble mind!

    Freda, I will have to pop over to your blog to see that!


  4. 🙂 I don’t knit at all so I am in awe of any one who does 🙂 Great job on exercise. Can you do some for me too?! Are you still using the inversion table with success?


  5. Great scarves – I have a bunch of yarn in the closet that I bought last year to take up knitting after MANY years away from it. I made a poncho, but that was all. I do understand wanting something to do at night. Maybe you’ve inspired me to get it back out.


  6. Wait, you mean were’ SUPPOSED to knit with DIFFERENT COLORS!!!! Add stitches????? Drop a few??????????? Yikes!!!! Okay, now I have to rethink this knitting thing! ROFLMAO!!!!!!

    So, do you want me to send you the pattern for the sweater I’m doing now that has vertical rows of lacy leaves on it? ;>)

    😉 It’s actually quite easy………..IF you keep the pattern in front of you at all times, keep a row counter on the end of the needle, and count stitch by stitch for each of the 5 repeats of the pattern across each row…..oh and don’t forget the magnetic board that holds the pattern so you can read just one row at a time! LOL Geesh, no wonder I put it down about 8 years ago, and just picked it back up last week to work on again! 🙂 🙂


  7. beautiful scarves! i too am mostly a “square or rectangle” knitter. i did self teach myself to knit i-cord recently though. whoohoo look at me go!


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