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Scattered Saturday Thoughts

This post is just some random musings going through my head.

Slow down. Quit rushing through projects.  Take my time, enjoy the process.  Keep it fun and relaxing. Don’t feel guilty about telling someone “no, I’m not interested in taking that project on”, or “this is my price, take it or leave it”, because I will not GIVE my time away.  My time is valuable.  I would rather not do any quilting for money, than do it for less than it’s worth.  To do that, makes me resent the project. I have plenty of my own projects to work on, which make me happy. My quilting must continue to be one of “my happy places”.  This is not negotiable.

Set smaller goals.  This really goes along with slowing down.  Why do I put so much pressure on my self to finish, finish, finish? This is hard to explain, but I’m sure others of you will grasp what I’m trying to say.  I think I have so many projects that I hope to make, and I start feeling like…I don’t know…the world might end, or I might die, or some other such catastrophe will occur…before I get to them. I need to get over this one.  There will ALWAYS be projects coming along that I want to do, that list will never get smaller, I will never come to the end, I WILL die, or the world will end, or some other catastrophe will happen before I make EVERYTHING, or accomplish everything I want to accomplish.  Anyone else relate to this crazy thinking????

So, like for example, this week, my quilting goal is ONLY to finish the nine patches for my 9P & stripe quilts.  That is 88 9P’s.  I’m almost done, so by the end of this day, I fully expect to meet that goal.  Then next week, my goal will be to have the stripe blocks completed. 

The Biggest Loser. I love this reality show.  I am not obese, but I am now struggling with my weight, which has been gradually creeping up, up, up ever since my hyster, almost 3 yrs ago.  I know it’s partly my age, 41, but I think also in part to the estrogen replacement I’m taking.  Maybe that’s just a cop-out, denial on my part, too.  I don’t really know.  However, since a new season of The Biggest Loser has started, so has a new try on my part to get those numbers going back in the right direction.  So, I will also start posting a weekly weigh-in on my blog.  If those contestants can be brave enough to stand up before the world and weigh-in, so can I.  Maybe knowing that I will be putting it here for you all to see will help keep me accountable and motivated.  My starting weight is 154.  Ouch! I don’t like that number.  My first official weigh-in will be tomorrow.  I will try to remember to do that on Sundays.  Sunday is the day I view as the first day of each new week.  I’m just barely, maybe even a smidge under, 5’5″.  So that weight is at least 25 lbs more than I should be for my frame. And the majority of it goes south of the waistline.  If I could redirect it to my boobs, all would be well…LOL.  My exercise goal is not less than three times per week. 

Stay on track with my Flylady routines.  Hit a lick at a snake.  Remember that even housework done incorrectly still blesses my family, and me. 

If I continue to have problems with my shoulder, back, neck, etc., to the point that I have been, and it continues to interfere with my life as it has been, I will find the courage to go back to my family doctor (I’m currently seeing only my chiro for this, and some days it’s better, most days not) and be insistent with him that he look into it further, or send me on to someone else who can & will get to the bottom of what is causing it.  WHY am I getting so much inflammation, irritation, pain….??? Why do all my upper body bones pop & creak, and feel like they are grinding against each other with movement, or just changing positions, such as simple rolling over in bed? But on the other hand, I’m terrified of any kind of surgery….waaa, waaa…I know…I just get so frustrated with doctors kind of throwing their hands up and acting like I’m making too much out of it, because they can’t see anything significant on an Xray.  This pain is not normal. And I would skip over my family doctor, but my insurance requires a referral from him, so this requires me to be more insistent and forceful, which for some reason, I find hard to do when dealing with health care professionals.  I turn into a wimp around them.  I let them completely intimidate me. 

Ok, was this too much rambling for you…? Flylady just asked “where is your laundry?”, so I guess I best get up and put some in the washing machine…lol.  And I have some 9P’s to finish, and some treadclimbing to do, therefore the rambling must come to an end….

6 thoughts on “Scattered Saturday Thoughts

  1. Love the new header!! As far as the Drs… my standard advice is keeping looking for a dr until you find one that listens and treats you with respect, and even then I always suggest a second opinion before surgery. When you get out of pain, the exercise may be easier to stick to as well as the over all mood being not quite so overwhelmed. Just my opinion… others will vary 😉 As for the price, stick to it….. you will get the better quality tops to work on and you will be happier with your work and still have you time. I often joke about my on going 10 year plan for my own quilts. What I mean is I have dream quilts that I want to do perfect and they live on my 10 year plan. In between to keep my sanity I do scrappy easy make me feel good quilts. The dahilia quilt is an example of the 10 year plan… I bought the templates, when I find the exact perfect fabric I’ll buy it, I’ll rip out until it’s to die for perfect….. not something I’d do on my scrappy quilts. Somehow breaking it up like that takes the pressure off…… pressure is no fun 😉


  2. Thanks, Jan! It’s one of my sunrise pics. I realized I forgot to answer you the other day…yes I am still using the inversion table. Some days it seems like it helps more that others, but I do think it helps.


  3. Randi I couldn’t agree with you more! Time is so precious and valuable. I too take on jobs sometimes that make me grumble abit, one thing I changed last year is that I don’t always offer to do custom. This year I need to schedule in more stitching time for myself.
    On the FlyLady note, I also have adapted a few of the things I’ve learn t from that site and now I’m really trying to make more effort in meal planning and cooking daily no more take out! I also need to work on getting the house abit more organized, this working full time and having a life has really wrecked havoc with my routines.
    On the weight front, about 6 weeks ago I got more serious about walking again and started walking for 1/2 on my lunch breaks, I didn’t see alot of change but I felt better energy wise and productivity at work really improved too. (I didn’t walk though over the last couple weeks for various reasons but I plan to get back at it.) A few weeks ago I stared doing a dvd my oldest daughter was doing and I’m totally amazed at how easy it is and the HUGE difference its made not only have I dropped 5lbs but my muscle tone is much better and the best benefit is that my neck is so much better, most days I don’t even take advil. The DVD if you’re curious is Carmen Electra’s fit to strip disc 2…at first I wasn’t using any weights but last week I added 2lb weighted balls and 3lb hand weights to part of the routine. I’ll be 45 this summer and I have lots of plans that I’ll need to be fit for. Good luck!!


  4. I want to respond, but not in a public forum. I don’t have your email addy. Please email me at (edited for privacy) and let me talk to you.



  5. Randi, I’ve lugged around a few extra pounds that I can’t shed since my hyster. too– as does my walking partner. I think there’s some connection to the hyster, the patch, and our (gulp) age…
    Maybe we just need a strip DVD!!! hee hee heeeeee


  6. Randi,
    Let me say something about wimping out around Drs. If you knew them….. really knew them….. or worked with them for as long as I did….. you would NOT wimp out.

    Here is what I used to tell the gals and guys that worked for me in the hospital (the ones who had been intimidated by them like you are):
    they put their underwear on just like you do…one leg at a time.
    some of them dont even wear underwear.
    picture them like that. uh huh. no longer intimidating.

    if that doesnt work, picture them wearing their underwear as a hat.

    honestly, they are just humans. and make mistakes, and are courageous and fun and smart and ugly and have illnesses too.

    promise me you will try.



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