flat stanley

Flat Stanley Checking In

(For those not familiar-I am hosting Flat Stanley, a visitor from the land of Serendipity-for the Princess of said land, as part of her homeschooling program.)

 Dear Princess,

It gets sooooo wiiinnndyyy in the Teeexaaas Panhaaanndlee.  Whooooaaaaa…..I gotta be really careful! These pics were from yesterday, and today it is wet & rainy here, so I had to stay inside. 

stan.jpg stan2.jpg

 But, the weather has gotten warmer here again this week.  It’s been getting all the way up to the 50’s & 60’s! Melted off the snow!

This lady I’m staying with here quilts, too! Is everybody you know quilters, like you & your Mom? If the weather stays nice, I will get to go to Amarillo next week!

I miss you!