I just felt compelled to tell y’all it was a whopping 8 degrees here when I went to work this morning.  Now at lunch, it has warmed up a whole 12 degrees, to 20.  But the sun is shining!

6 thoughts on “Brrrrr

  1. Brrrrrrrr………

    It was -2 when I got out to my car this morning. It’s up to 18.5, but it’s windy and I’m positive the windchill is quite unbearable………


  2. First of all, you are very deserving of the ‘make my day’ award. Your blog makes me glad I do this. Then, I would like to mention that I love your new header with the starry log cabin…beautiful quilting.

    Your new hutch is very pretty and in the new 9 patch quilt, your quilting will be gorgeous..don’t worry.

    As for the cold…you’re on your own there! It’s a beautiful, sunny, balmy 80 degrees here. Come visit when you’re tired of being cold.


  3. Our temps have been hovering in the -22f or -30C range with the windchill and let me tell you we are whining about it big time! My van doesn’t really start to warm up until I get to work and thats after letting it run for almost 1/2hour.
    We’ve gotten really spoiled in the last years with milder winters so these are tougher to take. Sure makes me miss my stay at home and quilt job.
    I’m glad its getting warmer there Randi!


  4. I feel your pain …. we are running about the same temps here, but I get to stay in the house and just be a bum! Makes me doubly glad I’m not one of the bassets who has to go outside to tinkle. Brrrrrrr


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