I Was Starting to Wonder….

Where my “quiltiness” had gone.  I just haven’t been into it for the last couple of weeks or so.  But today, I feel the urge returning.  I just put seven yard of fabric in the wash, from my stash, to start cutting the background squares & triangles from, for my EB 9P’s & Stripes quilts.  I almost have the stripe blocks finished.  Only a week later than I aimed for…lol. While the fabric is washing, I am off to do some housework.  I will set my timer for 15 min and go from room to room that way.  When it beeps…times UP!  Move on to the next room.  It always amazed me how much improvement I can make in just 15 minutes…TTYL! Hope your weekend is off to a great start!

7 thoughts on “I Was Starting to Wonder….

  1. I love that 15 minute idea! I agree with kayp as well, I am going to get out my timer and give it a try. I think I can stand “anything for 15 minutes”. Love the quilting on your new header photo!


  2. I can’t tell you how many times the 15 minute/timer thing has saved my sanity. However, I can’t take credit for it…it’s a Flylady thing, http://www.flylady.com

    When I first found Flylady, and signed up for the emails and started reading the testimonials, I was sinking into depression. I felt inadequate and that I was failing at keeping it all together. Finding her was an answer to some desperate prayers. Even though I occasionally fall off the Flylady wagon, I keep going back to her when I really need to get it back together.


  3. Hey Randi, I had a ? about flylady but you answered that one. Now what is the EB in EB 9p & stripes quilt?

    I am off to work out some quilting things as I have got the itch today too. As for being in a quilting slump, I have a theary, do you think things might improve greatly on Sunday February 17TH? Less than a month now!!!!!!!


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