Stash Report

Nothing in and nothing out this week.  That’s boring, isn’t it?  I had hoped to bust a full 50 yds. before the year is over, but I don’t think I’m going to get there.  That’ ok, though.  My plan for next year is to just keep plugging along, making forward progress.  I don’t think I want a set number I am aiming to reach.  That just puts added pressure on me, and makes me feel like I failed, if I don’t reach it.

I took some pictures of the current state of my stash.  The fleece stack has shrunk from what it was, and I now have room to store some of my thread on that little fabric shelf.  Before, that was full of fabric.  Also, there is some space on the one bolt slot.  Those were packed in tight.  The bottom area definately needs some attention…lol.




Last year, I posted pics of my stash, when I first started this stash-busting venture with Judy.  I really can’t say you can tell a lot of difference yet.  Maybe by this time next year, I will have more space on my shelf for thread.  I hope so.  I also hope someone straightens up those bottom shelves, and the floor.  🙂

14 thoughts on “Stash Report

  1. It’s times like this when you truly know who your friends are. The ones that support you. Who want to see you suceed 100% in everything you do. So send it to me. I’ll sacrifice so that you can suceed in bustin that stash 😉 Anything for a friend I tell ya….


  2. I LOVE your stash! Just go shopping in there with every idea you get. Don’t fret so much about “matching” and start throwing stuff together for your next project. You will be very surprised at what “goes” together ….. not necessarily “matching”.

    I promise!!



  3. I think I am glad mine are in crates and not in bolts. That would terrify me. You could count the bolts.
    The crates are countable too but what is in them is not so obvious until you undo one….
    That would fix me…to have to undo and photograph the contents ……would take a lot of photos to get some idea vs the bolts. So they win out in that direction.
    Happy sewing. Someone is going to use them…someday, if not you and they will be happy….at least that is what I hope.


  4. Mine was like this until I took the fabric off the cardboard forms. (and the shelves broke under the weight) That reduces the volume by about 1/2.
    I can’t say I’ve done any stash busting but at least it fits in a smaller space now.
    Keep up the good work!


  5. Randi,

    Wow! Do you feel exposed? My stash is almost as bad (which really means good) as yours! Maybe I should shop your stash next time I need to make a purchase. I live in small USA as well, so I completely understand the no fabric store near by.


  6. Randi,
    just keep plugging away and it will whittle down eventually. My stash must be bigger than I think cuz I’ve busted close to 350 yards and there is still not a clear spot on my shelves! LOL But I’m still hanging in there! it helps to have others trying to do the same thing.


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