Sunday Reporting, December 21, 2008

I have had a pretty productive weekend.  I’ll start with my stash totals.  I busted about 5.5 yds this week, between 2 projects.  I started on the t-shirt memorial quilt for the Martinez family.  This is the 2nd of the two they commissioned.   The remaining 3.5 was busted making rice bags.

  • Incoming Yardage to date: 84
  • Outgoing Yardage to date:  120 yds.
  • Total Stash Busted to date: 46 yds.
I’ve meant to make rice bags for a long time, and today Carla gave me just the motivation I needed to get it done.  She had this super easy tutorial posted.  I pulled some flannel from my stash, had DH pick me up some rice at the store, and I got busy.  I made eight of these today. I did make one change, in that I decided to make little bags that can be removed for washing, to go over the actual rice bag. I made eight of these today.  Thanks for getting me going, Carla!
The next pic will serve as a warning to all the other klutzes out there.  Do not hold the bag up to ask your husband if he thinks you have enough rice in it, before the end is sewn shut, if you are a klutz.  Otherwise, the following will most likely occur.
This took longer to clean up than it took to make a bag…lol.  I needed to vacuum up dog hair anyway.  🙂
Yesterday, I finished the quilting on Anita’s quilt.  I still have to trim threads, so just ignore those.
I’m not sure why the one snail block looks like it has a pleat or pucker in it, but it doesn’t.  I took another pic just to prove it. 🙂
I also got some pretzels dipped today, for holiday snacking.  Tomorrow, I hope to do some more baking, and some more quilting.  I love vacation!!