Wednesday WIP

I really tried to make the most of my vacation days, as far as quilting goes.  After I finished up the customer quilt with the pretty feather stencil, and had made good progress on the commissioned t-shirt quilt, I took some time for quilting for me.  I was on vacation, after all.  🙂

I did some major piecing.  I even worked out a system that would allow me to be working on three projects at once!  I could have spent some time working on those 9P & stripe quilts I started in January, but decided to start some new projects, instead.

I started on this Gracie’s Star quilt.  I’m not sure if my fabric choices are really working together, but I’m going to keep going, and make my mind up about that later.


I started on this Darlene Zimmerman Boston Commons, in 30’s repros.  I have had all the fabrics for this for quite some time.  It feels good to finally be started on it.


And, while working on these two former PIGS, I made some more progress on the Oklahoma Backroads scrap quilt, also a leaders/enders project.  I g0t these blocks together, and did more piecing of pieces needed for additional blocks.


This is truly a scrap quilt, with a little of everything thrown in.  It is stretching my ability to let go, and quit trying to put “just the right” piece here, and there, and just sew!

And I’m working on getting one final finish for 2008.  I’m just about finished with the binding/labeling of my Dad’s log cabin.  I will make it!  Whew!

Oh, and I should probably report that I ordered 48 more yards of fabric from Thousands of Bolts, since I already blew it for 2008.  Figured I might as well blow it big!