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Sunday Stash Reporting, December 7, 2008 (edited to add photo posting tip)

  • Incoming Yardage to date: 84
  • Outgoing Yardage to date:  114 & 7/12 yds.
  • Total Stash Busted to date: 40 & 7/12 yds.

I used 6.5 yards over the last two or three weeks. I can’t remember when I last posted a stash report.  I used 6 doing some tweaking with my machine, and I needed some fabric to play around on, and 1/2 yard was pulled to take to my guild party.  I have not brought any new stash in, except for the four Christmas fat quarters I had to buy to take to the guild party.  I’m not counting those. 🙂

I’m still not feeling 100% up to par.  I get tired really easy, and I have had lots of sinus headaches.  I did get our tree up and decorated yesterday, as well as set out a few other decorations.  I also finally got back to quilting on Anita’s quilt.  I worked on it a bit yesterday and today.  I finished up all the bugs, and quilted a loopy design with hearts and butterflies in the rest of the blue space.



I used the ladybugs in Michelle Wyman’s Lotsa Lady Bugs pantograph pattern as the inspiration for this little bug.


I am now working on the stars.  I have one done.


I used my Circle Lord crosshatch template for the first time, and I do like the results, but I’m not sure exactly how, when using it from the back of the machine, you are supposed to be able to tell where to stop stitching, as the hopping foot is in the way.  So, I stitched from the front, and for every line, bent down under the machine to move the stylus to the next row.  There’s got to be a better way…..????

I am also using my swag templates from Tracey Browning for the first time.  (Anita, you didn’t know you were going to be such a guinea pig, did you?)  I like them, too, however these did not fill the border as much as I had hoped, so I will go back and add some quilting on the outer edge to fill it in some more.


I really wasn’t in the mood for Christmas yet, this year.  And I was being grouchy about putting up the tree, as I am just feeling a bit behind in my quilting, my housework, everything.  Then, I checked in on a blog I’ve been following, ever since I read about it on Judy L’s blog awhile back.  This young 32 yr. old mother, Shawndra Turner, has been battling colorectal cancer, and seems to have really taken a turn f0r the worse.  I was so sad reading it yesterday.  I have really been touched by her writings.  As I put up the tree and fluffed the branches, which I really don’t enjoy, I had a whole different attitude.  I fluffed those branches and felt grateful for every blessed minute of it.  I listened to the Sirius holiday station, and am grateful to be celebrating the season.  I pray for this little family.

I want to thank everyone that sent me get well wishes!  I haven’t been good at keeping up with my replies this week, but I appreciated each and every one.  I am still doing my replies by email, for the most part.  Most of the comments I received when I asked, prefer them that way.  Also, when I think about it, I don’t always go back to blogs to see if a blogger has posted a reply to my comment on their comment page. 

This is the only new progress on my mystery quilt.  We will get more instructions in January.


It seems like there was something else I was going to write about, but it escapes me just now.  Have a wonderful week, y’all!

(I’m noticing that since the new changes at WordPress, that some of the pics are not clickable anymore.  What’s up with that?) I wrote WordPress Support to inquire about the photos.  I got this answer and thought I’d pass it along.  I tried it out on the first photo in this post, and it worked.

“Make sure to click the File URL or Post URL button before you click the Insert into Post button. Once you’ve done this, your choice will be remembered for next time.”


13 thoughts on “Sunday Stash Reporting, December 7, 2008 (edited to add photo posting tip)

  1. That quilt is so cute! I can’t get much in the holiday spirit either. Actually I love making and delivering gifts – it’s the decorating that bugs me. I suppose we will get around to it eventually!


  2. Love the quilting you are able to do … and if you read all the other posts closely about Christmas decorating , you’ll find MOST of us are not in the mood this year. So ……. why do we do it ?? I know Hubs started mine to get me “in the mood” … HA ! Doesn’t work any better than any other “mood enhancer” he has tried. LOL (VERY tongue in cheek)

    You need to concentrate on YOU – not decorating or another family or another person … at this point in time, it is YOU who is (or should be) the focal point. Please, please direct your energy inward.


  3. I like your new header. Very festive. And your blog is snowing….that’s a neat effect! I wish I could help you out on the quilting question, but I have no idea. Make sure you’re still resting a lot, don’t get too busy and then get back sick again.


  4. This is just the cutest quilt and your quilting looks great as always. Love the snow on your blog too! We’re getting a good amount of the real stuff today!


  5. Your bugs are too cute! You have happy looking quilting!

    I love your snow. I remember it from last year.

    Get better soon!


  6. I like the quilting you are doing on Anita’s quilt. I never used the Circle Lord templates, so I can’t help, but I think there has to be a better way, too. I much prefer working from the front of the machine, but this does sound awkward.


  7. I think many of us are having difficulty this year getting into the Christmas spirit. My Mom use to say “This too will pass.” In the meantime, looking at cheery quilts like yours and your adorable bugs helps. Did you like the swag templates? Can’t decide whether to buy those or some ovals. Hope you are feeling better.


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