Month: July 2008

Time’s Up! And the winner is…

Look! I found another use for the craft foam!  Instead of writing down all the names on paper slips, I made reusable drawing squares of the craft foam, and numbered them.  Now, whenever I have a drawing on my blog, I can use these again.  It also adds to the anticipation of the drawing for me, too, as I don’t even know who the winner is, til I come back to the comments and see who’s “number” was drawn. 

And who is commenter #9?  Teresa L! You are the lucky winner!  Please email me your snail mail addy so I can send out your prize.  Congratulations!  I want to thank all of you that participated in the “party”.  I wish I could send you all something.  As a consolation prize, I took some pics of my pretty little mini zinnias for you.  A cyber bouquet, if you will.

I got a bit of an update on the baby girl, Riley, that is battling e. coli and salmonella.  She is still in the hospital in Dallas, but yesterday she went to the bathroom twice, and this was a good thing.  I gather it’s still very serious, but this was an improvement in her condition.  I’ll keep pressing my two teenager news “relayers” for better info. 

Again, thank you all so much for your sweet comments.  I appreciate them all and you gave me lots of smiles the last few days.  It was also very nice to “meet” some of you for the first time.  Have a great weekend!

Quilting Away on the Storm at Sea

I had to show you some more peeks!  I’m not quilting it as well as I had hoped I would, yet it’s better than I expected.  I don’t always hit my marks right on, but I’m just having so much fun quilting this one, and I’m liking the way it looks.  If you do like Eleanor says, and just hang it up and go by at 30 or 40 miles an hour, it looks pretty good!  🙂  Somewhere after the first few “bobbles” where my stitches didn’t land exactly where I was aiming, I remembered why I made this one in the first place.  Because I saw it in a Fons & Porter magazine and fell in love with it, and thought “I want one of those”.  So I said to myself, quit obsessing over every little mistake, and enjoy what you are doing.  Suit yourself and worry about no one else.  Wow! What a little epiphany!  I still think I might put it in the quilt show I have in mind.  We’ll see.  Oh yea, here I am rambling again, and you just wanna see pics, don’t ya!?

I really struggled over what to put in the large diamonds.  I finally came up with this design, after doodling like a gagillion other ideas, used a paper template of the diamond to fold up like when you cut snowflakes, so I could make a symmetrical template.  Then I used the paper template to trace the pattern out on craft foam.  I’ve been using a Fons & Porter chalk pencil, or a Marvy marker to trace the design.  This shape has been a little challenging for me to quilt “perfectly”, but I’m finding the more of them I do, I’m getting the hang of it a little better.

I also tried out this chalk spray, to mark the stencil designs.  I like it, it works pretty well, but it is a bit messy, kind of expensive, and puts off some pretty strong fumes.

I really like the way the back is looking.  I couldn’t get a really good pic of it, though.

If you haven’t commented on my Blog Birthday Post yet, don’t forget to scroll down to it, and get yourself entered in my reward challenge give-away! There will be one lucky winner come Saturday morning.  I can’t tell you how the nice comments that have already been left have warmed my heart!


Blog Birthday Party!

It’s my 1 year WordPress blog birthday party, and you are invited!  Thank goodness I checked in on one of my favorite bloggers, Kay, yesterday, and saw that she was having her one year blogiversary.  It reminded me that mine was coming up soon, so I hopped back on over to mine to see, and soon it was indeed! It’s today!  I have enjoyed sharing with you this past year.  I am always amazed that so many of you keep coming back to visit me.  I’m not the most interesting blogger, not the wittiest, nor most creative.  I’m not sure why you keep coming back, but thank you! Thank you for taking the time to visit and share with me.  What will we do to celebrate?  How about a reward challenge?  If you are a “survivor” of reading Randi’s ramblings this past year, I think you deserve a chance at a reward.  What is the challenge?  It’s simple.  Just comment on this blog birthday party post, by the time I stumble out of bed this coming Saturday morning, and settle in front of the computer with my cup of coffee.  (that is usually somewhere between 7:30 and 9:00 am central time-sorry I can’t be more specific 🙂 it depends on how tired I am)  So, Survivors, wanna know what you are playing for?  How about  one yard cuts off of the five cheeriest, most partying looking bolts of fabric I have in my stash?

Worth playing for?  If so, get those comments coming! You have til I become conscious on Saturday morning to be included in the drawing!  I will post the winner shortly thereafter.  Good luck!

Time For the Weekly Stashbusting Report!

I resisted all tempation to buy new fabric, that came my way! Zero yardage added to the stash this week.  Seriously, I have reached a point where my stash *almost* overwhelms me.  I really do want to reduce the amount I have on hand, so that I can keep my closet neater, and have more storage space for my longarm quilting thread.  I used 4.5 yards just playing around with my new Circle Lord, and practicing stencils, and other designs.  So it ends up as a dog or cat blanket before heading to the trash.  It’s still out of my stash!  I also used a three yard piece for backing for my Storm At Sea.  Yes, I started quilting it today!  That gives me 7.5 yds busted this week.  YTD totals are:

  • Incoming 66 yds.
  • Outgoing 63 yds.
  • Total busted YTD -3 yds.

Woohoo! I’m almost to a positive number!

Wanna see a peek at my Storm At Sea?   I’ve been really intimidated by this one, and have put the quilting off a long time…

If it turns out well enough, I might even put it in some quilt shows.  There are a few area shows I’ve recently become aware of, and it might be a fun experience.  I’ve even got a name picked out.  I’m still undecided about what to do in the big diamond shapes.  I’ll be saving those for last.  At least I’m liking it so far, and will have a pretty Storm At Sea to hang on my wall, which is all I really wanted in the first place!

I forgot to do my weigh-in this morning, but I did weigh yesterday morning, and I’m still stuck…145.  That’s a miracle, considering how I’ve been eating!

How did you do with your stashbusting this week? Don’t forget to stop by Judy’s and let us know!

Quilting Playtime Was Fun! (no snakes…lol)

I had fun yesterday playing with my Circle Lord.  I found that the Featherz template works a whole lot better when you rotate the disc the right direction.  DUH! 🙂  I’m still getting some backtracking issues, but the 3rd wreath I did was better than the 1st or 2nd.  Like anything, it’s going to take some PPP to get the hang of it.  But so far, me likes!

I also did just a bit of playing with some freehand fillers and feathers. Nothing fancy, it was just fun to lay down a bit of thread.  I have recently made some adjustments to my longarm, retiming, and some adjustments to the electronics that affect the stitching speed, etc., and I wanted to make sure I have the tension back to good, and that I was getting pretty stitches. 

Sometimes it’s fun to just do some quick, easy stitching just to watch the pretty thread stitch out. 

I also used my practice piece to try my hand at a couple of stencils.  Becoming proficient at freehand stitching of stencils is one of my longarm goals.  My first attempt at this beautiful stencil by Anita Shackelford.  I still need some practice, but I was very pleased for a first try. 

I had to purchase this stencil, after Carla B. over at Feathered Fibers kept posting beautiful quilts, on which she had used this stencil.  One of the quilts can be seen here.

This is a stencil I am planning on using on one of my 9P & Stripe quilts.  I wish I could credit the maker, but the sticker came off of it, and I don’t know who designed this one.  I really like it, it was easy to stitch, on the very first try, and I think it looks really good. 

I haven’t started on my Storm at Sea, as I got up with stupid muscle spasms, under my left shoulder blade and around my left rib cage.  Usually it’s my right side.  DH massaged the muscles, I have iced it a couple times, hot tubbed, and taken Aleve and some pain meds with some muscle relaxer in it.  And, it seems to be working, so I don’t want to overdo.  Darn, guess that means I’ll have to take it easy on the housework, too!  I am so happy to report, that since I added massage therapy to my chiropractic treatment, my usage of Imitrex has gone way down.  I was going through a 9 dose refill every single month.  Sometimes, having to wait a few days before I could get a refill.  After starting chiropractic treatment, I noticed a refill was lasting me about 2 months.  Since I started massage therapy earlier this year, even more improvement.  I took the first dose out of my last refill on 3-1-08.  I took the last dose on our way home from our vacation trip (and I think that headache was prompted by the heat and sinuses after being on the golf course four days in a row) on 6-27-08.  So far, I haven’t had to take one out of my new pack.  That is a little over four months!  Anybody that suffers from migraines will understand how significant that is.  It’s a huge improvement to quality of life. 

My son told me last night, that the baby girl (her name is Riley) is also battling Salmonella.  So, I don’t know for sure if she has e. coli and salmonella, or if something has gotten lost in translation between two teenagers, and they have changed the diagnosis to salmonella.  Whatever, she is still very, very sick.  He said they haven’t been able to get much food down her, and what she has taken in, has come right back up.  God bless her.  I do hope the next news is good.  Thank you for your prayers and concern.

BTW, I didn’t mean my last post to sound like I was upset with any of my readers about my snake.  Just saying that I can’t make any promises! 🙂  Have a good one! Chat at ya later!

Tearing Myself Away From My New Toy

I hope all my American readers are having a Happy Independence Day! I should be using this holiday off from my day job to be cleaning up this messy house around me, but instead I’ve been playing with my new toy that arrived just in time for this three day weekend.  I purchased a practically brand new Circle Lord , and a few extra templates, from a fellow longarmer, that has gone to a computerized set up.  So far, I really like the Squircles (the square templates you use to make circles), and I think I’ll get a lot of use from them.  I tried the Featherz template briefly, last night, and can tell that will take a bit of trial and error to get right.  The Gingko template is pretty cool.  I’m having troubles getting my stops & starts to match up neatly, and not look so messy.  Lots of thread snipping…I know some of that will just take practice, and getting comfortable with it. 

I’m hoping to find a way to use it on my Storm at Sea top, which I’m just about mentally geared up to quilt now.  Hopefully, I will start on it this weekend.  Cross your fingers for me!

I feel I must apologize to everyone who was offended by the snake in my previous post.  In my defense, I never even considered that it would be so upsetting to some.  I have never been afraid of, or disgusted by snakes, even as a small child.  In fact, they fascinate me.  Can I promise to never post anymore snake pictures, ever again, on my blog?  Hmmm…no, I can’t promise it won’t ever happen again…but I’m sure it will be a rare event. 🙂 But I’ll try to warn you not to look if you don’t like snakes!  And just out of curiosity, did anybody like my snake pic?

And, on that note, I do want to share with you some old pictures of me.  This first one was taken when I was 15.  The snake belonged to friend of ours.  It’s an Indian Rock python, measuring 6.5 ft.  (DO NOT SCROLL DOWN ANY FURTHER IF YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE A SNAKE) 😉



The next photos are one year later, I’m 16 and the snake is 7.5 ft.

If anyone is still reading at this point, have a great holiday weekend! Remember to be careful with those firecrackers!  And Happy 8th Birthday to my sweet Liberty Belle (Libby).

Now I must quit playing for awhile and do some actual housework.  Will I get it finished before I go back to playing with my new toy? I seriously doubt it!

A Prayer Request & Creepy Crawly Warning

First, the prayer request.  I remember when my son was little, one of my biggest fears was that he would get e. coli.  I was so paranoid about it.  Well, his girlfriend’s little 1.5 year old cousin is battling it.  I don’t know her name…but I guess it’s pretty bad.  I know she has had some surgery already, her kidneys were shutting down, and tonight he told me she is facing a blood transfusion.  Please lift this little girl up in your prayers. 

Ok, now on to the creepy crawly…I wanted to show you the visitor that was in my yard yesterday, at lunch.  I used a broom to “sweep” him into an empty flower pot, so I could move him out to the big field behind the house.  I was afraid he might get one of my toads, Mongo, Zapper, or Green Bean.  Although, he isn’t a really large kingsnake yet, and my toads are getting pretty big, I preferred that he hunt elsewhere for the time being.  Pretty snake, though.

Here’s a peek at the inchies I’m working on, that I mentioned in my previous post. 

That’s all I’ve got today! Thanks for stopping by!