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Quilting Playtime Was Fun! (no snakes…lol)

I had fun yesterday playing with my Circle Lord.  I found that the Featherz template works a whole lot better when you rotate the disc the right direction.  DUH! 🙂  I’m still getting some backtracking issues, but the 3rd wreath I did was better than the 1st or 2nd.  Like anything, it’s going to take some PPP to get the hang of it.  But so far, me likes!

I also did just a bit of playing with some freehand fillers and feathers. Nothing fancy, it was just fun to lay down a bit of thread.  I have recently made some adjustments to my longarm, retiming, and some adjustments to the electronics that affect the stitching speed, etc., and I wanted to make sure I have the tension back to good, and that I was getting pretty stitches. 

Sometimes it’s fun to just do some quick, easy stitching just to watch the pretty thread stitch out. 

I also used my practice piece to try my hand at a couple of stencils.  Becoming proficient at freehand stitching of stencils is one of my longarm goals.  My first attempt at this beautiful stencil by Anita Shackelford.  I still need some practice, but I was very pleased for a first try. 

I had to purchase this stencil, after Carla B. over at Feathered Fibers kept posting beautiful quilts, on which she had used this stencil.  One of the quilts can be seen here.

This is a stencil I am planning on using on one of my 9P & Stripe quilts.  I wish I could credit the maker, but the sticker came off of it, and I don’t know who designed this one.  I really like it, it was easy to stitch, on the very first try, and I think it looks really good. 

I haven’t started on my Storm at Sea, as I got up with stupid muscle spasms, under my left shoulder blade and around my left rib cage.  Usually it’s my right side.  DH massaged the muscles, I have iced it a couple times, hot tubbed, and taken Aleve and some pain meds with some muscle relaxer in it.  And, it seems to be working, so I don’t want to overdo.  Darn, guess that means I’ll have to take it easy on the housework, too!  I am so happy to report, that since I added massage therapy to my chiropractic treatment, my usage of Imitrex has gone way down.  I was going through a 9 dose refill every single month.  Sometimes, having to wait a few days before I could get a refill.  After starting chiropractic treatment, I noticed a refill was lasting me about 2 months.  Since I started massage therapy earlier this year, even more improvement.  I took the first dose out of my last refill on 3-1-08.  I took the last dose on our way home from our vacation trip (and I think that headache was prompted by the heat and sinuses after being on the golf course four days in a row) on 6-27-08.  So far, I haven’t had to take one out of my new pack.  That is a little over four months!  Anybody that suffers from migraines will understand how significant that is.  It’s a huge improvement to quality of life. 

My son told me last night, that the baby girl (her name is Riley) is also battling Salmonella.  So, I don’t know for sure if she has e. coli and salmonella, or if something has gotten lost in translation between two teenagers, and they have changed the diagnosis to salmonella.  Whatever, she is still very, very sick.  He said they haven’t been able to get much food down her, and what she has taken in, has come right back up.  God bless her.  I do hope the next news is good.  Thank you for your prayers and concern.

BTW, I didn’t mean my last post to sound like I was upset with any of my readers about my snake.  Just saying that I can’t make any promises! 🙂  Have a good one! Chat at ya later!

8 thoughts on “Quilting Playtime Was Fun! (no snakes…lol)

  1. You can keep the snakes, enough said about that!!! It looks like you are having alot of fun with the circle lord, keep the pictures coming. The stencil is question is SCL-016-11 from the Stencil Company, I use that one alot cause its so open for those “less quilting” quilts.

    Karen L

    Thanks for the stencil info, Karen! I was hoping someone would chime in with it!


  2. Wow, Randi – great work with the stencils. And way to go with the Circle Lord. I’ve never worked from behind the machine but I’d be tempted to with those great gadgets. Wonderful news on the improvement with the headaches.


  3. Randi, your headaches being less frequent is great news.

    I enjoyed seeing more of what you are practicing.


  4. I’m glad you are having fun with your new goodies! I feel for you on the shoulder muscle spasms. I’m having it in both shoulders at the moment. That’s what I get for flipping over a 200 lb table top! I had help, but sheesh! I’m so glad that your migraines are less frequent. Massage therapy and chiropractic….it’s a very good thing!


  5. Randi, I’m so glad to hear your migraines are getting less frequent….. I use to get one at least once a week sometimes more. For awhile I thought I was going to have to go on disability because I was missing so much work. Anyway, I have learned to control them with diet. The things that trigger them for me is cheese, red wine, chocolate and some soy products…. people think I’m a picky eater when we go out to eat, but I’m not! I just don’t want to be sick in bed the next day with a migraine!!!

    About the snake… when our old cat brought one in the house, DH made me get it out from under the bed to take it back outside… LOL


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