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Time For the Weekly Stashbusting Report!

I resisted all tempation to buy new fabric, that came my way! Zero yardage added to the stash this week.  Seriously, I have reached a point where my stash *almost* overwhelms me.  I really do want to reduce the amount I have on hand, so that I can keep my closet neater, and have more storage space for my longarm quilting thread.  I used 4.5 yards just playing around with my new Circle Lord, and practicing stencils, and other designs.  So it ends up as a dog or cat blanket before heading to the trash.  It’s still out of my stash!  I also used a three yard piece for backing for my Storm At Sea.  Yes, I started quilting it today!  That gives me 7.5 yds busted this week.  YTD totals are:

  • Incoming 66 yds.
  • Outgoing 63 yds.
  • Total busted YTD -3 yds.

Woohoo! I’m almost to a positive number!

Wanna see a peek at my Storm At Sea?   I’ve been really intimidated by this one, and have put the quilting off a long time…

If it turns out well enough, I might even put it in some quilt shows.  There are a few area shows I’ve recently become aware of, and it might be a fun experience.  I’ve even got a name picked out.  I’m still undecided about what to do in the big diamond shapes.  I’ll be saving those for last.  At least I’m liking it so far, and will have a pretty Storm At Sea to hang on my wall, which is all I really wanted in the first place!

I forgot to do my weigh-in this morning, but I did weigh yesterday morning, and I’m still stuck…145.  That’s a miracle, considering how I’ve been eating!

How did you do with your stashbusting this week? Don’t forget to stop by Judy’s and let us know!

10 thoughts on “Time For the Weekly Stashbusting Report!

  1. Great! Nothing added this week and you’re almost even! Good job!!

    Your Storm at Sea looks great from what you’ve shown us. I hope you do enter it in some shows!


  2. I have a hard time imagining how that all looks pulled together, but I’m sure it looks great! You definitely should enter some shows!!!!!!


  3. Randi,
    I used that stencil recently. It came out great! How did you mark yours? Did you use the Marvy or something else……..my fabric was very, very light so I could not use chalk.


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