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A Prayer Request & Creepy Crawly Warning

First, the prayer request.  I remember when my son was little, one of my biggest fears was that he would get e. coli.  I was so paranoid about it.  Well, his girlfriend’s little 1.5 year old cousin is battling it.  I don’t know her name…but I guess it’s pretty bad.  I know she has had some surgery already, her kidneys were shutting down, and tonight he told me she is facing a blood transfusion.  Please lift this little girl up in your prayers. 

Ok, now on to the creepy crawly…I wanted to show you the visitor that was in my yard yesterday, at lunch.  I used a broom to “sweep” him into an empty flower pot, so I could move him out to the big field behind the house.  I was afraid he might get one of my toads, Mongo, Zapper, or Green Bean.  Although, he isn’t a really large kingsnake yet, and my toads are getting pretty big, I preferred that he hunt elsewhere for the time being.  Pretty snake, though.

Here’s a peek at the inchies I’m working on, that I mentioned in my previous post. 

That’s all I’ve got today! Thanks for stopping by!

6 thoughts on “A Prayer Request & Creepy Crawly Warning

  1. Oh no!! Sending prayers!! And you are braver than I am!! I would have been inside the minute I saw the snake LOL Glad the toads are safe!!


  2. That precious baby is in my prayers.

    That is a pretty snake. Glad he is hunting in the open field.

    Love your inchies!!


  3. Randi, I hope and pray the little one will improve. What a scary time for all who love and care about her. Please let us know when there is news about her condition.

    The snake—you are braver than I am. I doubt that I could carry that flower pot with the snake in it.

    Your inchies are wonderful! I did see Carla’s tutorial and thought they would be fun to try. Now seeing yours I think it would be even more fun to make these.


  4. I would have wet my pants, king snake or not, you are much to brave young lady……. Tell your son how proud I am of him in his golf successes… Sending hugs…


  5. OK, unless you promise never to share anymore pictures of snakes on your blog, I won’t be able to come back and look. I will have the willies all day long now!

    I will pray for this little child along with all the other’s I currently have on my prater list.

    Oh yes I really love your inchies.


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