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Scrambled Saturday

This will be a “hodge-podge” post…lol.  It’s scrambled because I feel little lost in my own blog with the new wordpress changes.  I know it’s “all for the good” but obviously there are some kinks to work out, and things to get used to…like the fact that whenever any of the bloggers I have loaded in my WordPress Dashboard Blog Surfer insert galleries, then instead of their photos showing up, my entire gallery of photos shows up.  Right now, my 300+ photos are showing up twice on my “blog surfer” page, totally screwing up my WordPress blog reading.  And yes, I sent them a note…I’m sure I’m not the only one…so I have faith it will be fixed. 

Also, do you ever feel just weird after having some dreams?  I woke up this morning after having the most vivid dream, that I was dying.  I had some weird disorder where my body wasn’t processing Vitamin A correctly, and the doctors didn’t think I was going to survive a week.  My family was devastated…I was telling all my cyberfriends “goodbye”, via blogging.  And in my dream, I was thinking “maybe if they all prayed for me, I’d get a miracle cure”….and then my dog Libby woke me up.  So I didn’t get closure…no happy ending…no sad ending…just left hanging…and now I have this weird feeling hanging over me.  Does that ever happen to you?  I can remember the details of it so clearly…I was even telling my friend Jill that “oh crap…I need to take care of my funeral details…I want to be cremated instead of stuck in a deep dark hole, and I really don’t even want a “funeral”.  (all that is true)  And I wasn’t afraid about dying, I was just so incredibly sad to be saying goodbye to everyone.  I’ve always had vivid dreams, and actually it’s kind of fun to see what “adventure” I will be having, but sometimes they are disturbing.  But, if someone has to be dying, I much prefer to dream about my own death than that of a loved one.  I really hate those.  Ok, enough of that.

Gayle has had some really great posts on her blog recently.  I have wanted to write indepth responses to them on my blog, but honestly, I just haven’t had the energy the last couple of weeks to sit down and focus on it.  One was about why do you blog or read blogs.  I think for me, it’s about connecting with other like minded individuals.  People that really “get” my obsession and fervent love of quilting.  I get to “show and tell” with y’all, and you understand.  You want to see what I’ve done and you want to share your projects with me.  You are like my online “guild”.  I just really think it’s fun to participate with each other through the blogs.  It inspires me, makes me laugh, sometimes makes me cry, sometimes teaches me something, or makes me see something from a differing viewpoint.  I enjoy reading about other pieces of y’all lives, outside your quilting. 

Gayle has also got some great posts going on that are health related.  If you have chronic health issues, or live with or are acquainted with someone who does, read her post about the spoon theory.  I could write a lot here, but truthfully, I’m just not up to it.  But I really do “get” the spoon theory. 

Speaking of quilt guilds, I have kind of been entertaining the idea of joining the local guild again.  I joined for one year, back when I very first started quilting…but it was hard for me to make the meetings.  My son was around 6 or 7 and in various evening activities….boy scouts, youth center sports…which usually conflicted with my making the guild meetings.  So I gave it up.  Now, I have less conflicts with the meeting times, I have been hesitant to go, as I was afraid they might think I was only there to try to pick up quilting customers.  Not so, but I was afraid it might appear that way.  Well, I got an invitation in the mail to attend their 20th anniversary celebration meeting.  I think I will!  Being invited is a whole ‘nuther thing! I can go and not feel awkward about it!

Also, to show once again that I really am a simple woman, and sooooo easily amused (and to see if I can figure out how to post pics with all the changes around here), I share the butter tub story.  DH & I were preparing our dinner Monday evening, and I opened a new tub of Country Crock “churn style” margarine.  “Oh look!”, I exclaim.  “It’s so pretty!”  DH responds, somewhat facetiously, “You should take a picture of that.”  So here you are!


Ok, I think I have the pics loaded, but right now I do NOT like the changes.  I was able to load three pics at once, but when I hit “insert into post”, they weren’t here, and I couldn’t find them anywhere.  I had to go back and “reload” them individually, and just insert each individually, because I don’t know where to find them. (except on my blog surfer page…lol) Before they still showed…I could hit the “browse all” button, and it would show all the pics I just loaded.  Any tips to offer?  I’m not a software whiz of any kind…I just muddle through…the simpler the better for me…I think I better quit for now….

10 thoughts on “Scrambled Saturday

  1. Love your header! I also had an unusual dream early, early this morning. I had a visit with my 2 best friends from high school days who both died from breast cancer in the 90’s. It was a good visit – we were at a very busy resort and they met my husband and grandson. I enjoyed the visit, but dreams are very interesting to me. I would like to know more about what they mean.


  2. Yes I do have those dreams. Kind of fun some days to surf the dream interpretation websites 😉 But hopefully yours was just a dream. Sorry you are so tired. Sending you some cyber coffee & hugs.


  3. I have weird dreams all the time. Once I even dreamed that I did die. I woke up the moment that I died and I had a sharp chest pain. It wasn’t anything just another of my bizarre dreams.


  4. Randi – I hear you about the wordpress changes! I tried to upload pics this morning on my blog, but they never showed up in the post. They are in the gallery, but when I punch to insert in blog post, nothing! I’ll go try separately to see if that works. I’ll watch this post, though, to see if anyone else weighs in on it!


  5. Last night must have been the night for weird dreams. I actually dreamed that my daughter died and it was horrible. It was so vivid and I would wake up only to go back to sleep and continue the same awful, awful, unbearable dream. When I finally woke up enough to make myself stay awake, I realized that I probably dreamed it because I watched The Queen last night just before going to bed. It was, of course, about Queen Elizabeth’s actions after Princess Diana’s death. I was so devastated when Diana died and I think the movie just brought back those feelings. And though I won’t tell my daughter about my dream….I really don’t know if I could even talk about it out loud to anybody….I think she would be thrilled to know that I related her to a princess:)

    I’ve been following Gayle’s blog too, and there really is a good discussion going on. As a matter of fact, Randi, I meant to respond to something you wrote and I think I’ll go back over there and do it.


  6. Randi, those type of dreams seem so real and make you feel yucky for a few days. I had a dream nearly ten years ago, when Cody was 3, that I still see vividly today. We had just moved here and the highway in spots is just up one hill and around a curve for miles. For some reason Cody was sitting in the middle of the highway and there was a semi carrying a load of lumber coming right toward him. I ran and got in front of him, maybe to protect him, I don’t know, but the truck got around us and then turned over. I can still see that lumber all over the highway. Now when I see a load of lumber I drive very carefully. I guess we all have weird dreams sometimes.


  7. I have had a few of them dreams myself! Mine always seem to involve death by wild animal… Bears, Big Cats, & Mice. Yes I Said Mice! When I was a kid it was always the tooth fairy, I don’t know why but that lady scared the dickens out of me!
    Love the photos of the butter! I have heard that the best art can be found in the strangest places!
    I TOTOLY understand your feelings with the updates @ wordpress. Some of the “wonderful new updated features” have some buggy issues. I use to post photos from my webshots album directly into my blog but for some reason I am not able to get it to work now. I am sure once all the bugs have been fumigated everything will be fine, I just think they should have wait a bit longer and did a bit more testing before they turned the updates on!


  8. Noticed your dream pointed out the “treasures of your heart”:
    your family, how they feel about you, your friends and your faith. Death mostly sucks. However it insists that we know what in our life really truly matters. Death dreams are one
    way we take inventory of the heart’s treasures.
    Apparently what matters to you is faith, family and friends.
    Not bad Randi. Not bad at all.
    By the way buddy, you matter.


  9. Randi, I blog and read blogs to find community with other artists who understand posting a photo of pretty butter!

    go eat some carrots– I think they’re high in Vitamin A! Plus, no leaving us until you use up some of that new fabric!!


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