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Sunday, Sunday

I guess I will tend to the stash report first, and just get that confession done and over with.  The fabric I mentioned in a previous post finally arrived.  So no stash busting here, oh no…only stash enhancing…to the tune of 45 yards.  But it’s so pretty…and it was so cheap.  The two bolts on the outside only cost me $2.77 per yard, with the shipping charges added.  The gorgeous Kauffman in the middle was $3.02 per yd with shipping added.  My justification for the light blue and pale olive green fabrics are that they will make fabulous backings for the quilts I am going to make with my current stash.  The Kauffman…well…I just love that one.  And I wanted it.  So I got it. 

I am going to try to work on getting a UFO finished this week, so I can finally subtract some yardage from my stash, before Judy kicks me out of the stash busting crew! Be sure to check out my new blog page on the tab above, Quilting Projects 2008, to find my new Stash Tracker page.  Thanks to Michele, for giving me this idea!

I went to the grand opening of a local greenhouse yesterday.  Not a new greenhouse, but new ownership.  I bought four patio tomatoes, which I already potted, and eight Mucho Nacho jalapeno plants,  four cherry tomatoes, and two grape tomatoes.


How about some pretty color? I bought three colors of daisies.  I’m going to give these a try in my front flower bed. 

And lastly, some celosia.  I have no previous experience with this plant, but I thought it was really pretty, and am going to put some in a pot in the front flower bed, along with some rose of sharon moss or something.  You can click on this pic and make it larger if you want a better look.

I still don’t have the gallery thing completely figured out.  I can post several thumbnails at once, but I haven’t figured out how to mix the two options.  I can still only either add one pic at a time, or ALL the pics for one post in one bunch.  Are you supposed to load them all at once, then move them around with edit?  Anyone know?  I’ll see if can relate what I’m trying to say more clearly.  I loaded the fabic pic first, individually.  Then I wanted to load the vegetable pics all at once.  There were two of them, I loaded them together, went to my post and typed in the gallery command.  Previewed my post, and they were there, but so was the fabric pic thumbnail, which I didn’t want.  So, I had to delete that and add them one by one.  Make sense?  So unless I want all the pics in one spot on my post, like down at the bottom, which I rarely do, what good is the gallery option? I must be missing something…

My plans for the rest of the day are to work on getting the binding added to the Wild Onion jacket that I made.  Then I can get that yardaged out of my stash, and it can go to it’s new home with my Mom.  I am going to work on the piecing of the commissioned log cabin I’m working on.  That has a May deadline, as it’s a graduation gift.  Those will be good projects to work on while I watch NASCAR at Texas Motor Speedway.  Of course, I will be doing laundry in the middle of that.  Guess I better get going and get busy!

12 thoughts on “Sunday, Sunday

  1. It was nice to see your photo of celosia. It was one of my Grandmother’s favorite flowers in her huge flower garden! About your fabric non-busting….oh well! I would have bought that red one too!


  2. Oh that red fabric is GORGEOUS!! Good stash enhancing!! 😉 Love love love what you have for the garden so far!!!! 🙂 Have a good week Randi!!


  3. Your posts make me want to plant something. So far it’s just my butt in the chair because it’s still cold out here!! I love celosia, a very old fashioned flower you will love. And daisies, let us know how the daisies grow!


  4. Randi – Scott just planted some celosia last week, but he forgot the name before he could tell me what it was!! Thanks for the info!


  5. Your daisies are pretty. We call them Gerberas here, that particular type. They used to be my Mum’s favourite flower. When she passed away, my friends’ DH was actually working picking gerberas at a farm, and they brought me two huge bucketfuls. My house was filled with these lovely reminders of my Mum. If you look closely at my desk in my studio pictures, there is a tissue box with gerberas on it. I always buy that particular one because it reminds me of my Mum. I have never told anyone this before. Thanks for the pictures of yours. You know, as I always see them sold as cut flowers, I never even thought to grow them!


  6. I visited a greenhouse last weekend just because I needed to see some green. We are getting more snow as I type but hopefully this will be the last snowfall for awhile.
    I love your new stash enhancements 🙂


  7. That red fabric is sooooo yummy! Your spending spree makes me feel a bit better about mine! LOL. Gerber Daisies are one of my favorites too, and it’s time to get some planting done in my yard!


  8. Yep. LOVE the red fabric………..boy, your gardens in Texas are way ahead of ours in Michigan!! I can’t plant for several weeks yet…………


  9. You always find the best fabric deals (and make beautiful quilts with those deals).

    We haven’t had planting weather just yet, but we are very close….your choices are so cheery. Thank you for that bit of spring!


  10. Love that red!!! Where oh where did you get it that cheap!!!
    I too fell off the stashbusting wagon…this week and last week and the week after is Paducah…darn it!



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