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Signs of Spring and a Job Done!

Spring is showing itself.  This is on my plum tree.



BunBun is appreciating the change in the weather.


My BIG OLD Russian Olive tree hasn’t quite awakened yet, but soon it will burst forth with sign of life.  I love this tree.


The birdies have been keeping me busy filling the feeders.


I finished the customer quilt I was working on.  She LOVES it.  As in so happy she CRIED.  Good tears.



The back:



If you want to see more, I uploaded photos to my Webshots album, in the folder Customer Quilts 2008,  http://community.webshots.com/user/AllenQuilts. Thanks for looking. 🙂

In weight news, I’m not sure how, but I lost another pound last week.  I’m now at 143.  That’s 11 lbs. total. 

 Have a great week!  Maybe I will have time to post more this week.  We shall see.

11 thoughts on “Signs of Spring and a Job Done!

  1. I knew she would love it..it was beautiful! Aren’t the signs of spring wonderful? Of course I live in the land of eternal summer and that is good too… especially after listening to how awful everyone’s winter was.


  2. Ah bun bun!! I’ve missed bun bun pics!!! 😀 Beautiful quilting!! Now I have to go google russian olive trees… that is beautiful as well!!


  3. I sure wish spring would come my way! Please send it on up!

    I love how the quilt turned out, it is beautiful.

    I am glad to be able to check out your blog again. almost two weeks without a computer sure it tough.


  4. Spring sounds so wonderful, but it’s still not here yet in Michigan. It’s coming though….
    Do you have any idea what an inspiration you are to me? You’re quilting is amazing. I’ll get there one day. Just keep putting up your pics to inspire me to get there.


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