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A Heart Full of Gratitude

Wow, what a week! I think I have said “thank you” more times this last three days than I have the last three months.  And I’m going to say it some more.  I have been so touched by all the comments regarding the quilt in my previous post.  Truly, I’m a little overwhelmed.  I was already thrilled with the responses from you, my regular readers, who for whatever reasons keep coming back to visit me here.  Many of you have been with me on different online message boards for longarm quilters since my longarm journey began.  You guys know that I’m that quilter that doubts myself all the time.  I’m used to being the one doing the drooling over someone else’s gorgeous quilting.  You guys have been the best cheerleaders, teachers, and encouragers, and you have no idea how much your friendships mean to me, and how much I enjoy “knowing” you.  I can’t wait to get to meet some of you in person, and give you all a great big hug.  And I have to give credit where credit is due.  You guys are my inspiration.  And those wonderful teachers among you, whose DVD’s and videos I have purchased, and watched over and over, thank you for putting such great teaching products out there.  For the feathers I used on this particular quilt, I have to credit Renae Haddadin, Sharon Schamber, & Sherry Rogers-Harrison, whose book I have.  Also, Jamie Wallen for the inspiration for the feather motif in the very center of the quilt.

Mark Lipinski, you really have no idea how surprised I was when I discovered you had tagged me in your blog.  Or how much I appreciated what you said about my quilting.  I have to thank you for my two biggest blog visitor days EVER! Truly, I felt very honored that you chose to highlight me in your blog.  My husband told me I better quit reading it or I was going to get a migraine from my head swelling 🙂  I found your blog right after you started it, I believe with your very first post.  As soon as I read it, I immediately added you to my blogroll, and have been faithfully reading it ever since.  You are one of my regular stops in blog land.  Now I’m gonna have to get a subscription to your mag. 🙂   Seriously, thank you.

I had another wonderful surprise this morning, from Carla B.  Check out this awesome cartoon she made! She made a “Pickle Award”.  I think it’s FABULOUS!  What do you think, Mark?  I printed it out and will have to find a spot in my quilting room where I can always enjoy it.

And if all the above were not enough, I was suprised by another act of kindess this week.  When I got to work Thursday morning, I found an envelope of old pictures laying on my desk.  A friend had been by and dropped them off while I was out sick Wednesday afternoon.  At first, I was trying to figure out who these kids were, and why did someone leave pictures of them on my desk?  Then it dawned on me…OMG! That is ME, and MY BABY! Do I look like a boy or what?


Isn’t he a doll?


These were taken 16 years ago next month, at my friend’s house.  She found them when cleaning out her cedar chest, and thought I should have them.  There were a few more, but I won’t bore you with all of them.

Check out this super cool baby quilt I had the privilege of quilting for a customer yesterday.  I love the fabrics she used.  What a great nursery this babe is going to have.



Something new (to me) that I discovered this week, is this yummy fruit.  It’s a pummelo.  I liked it!


Thanks to my friend Diane, who called me last night to make sure I didn’t miss my favorite NASCAR driver, Bobby Labonte, on Trackside last night. 

I really have been flying high the last couple days, and I think I have more than used up my 15 minutes of blog fame,  so one more time, THANK YOU!!

17 thoughts on “A Heart Full of Gratitude

  1. It has been so wonderful to read about your gorgeous quilting and your good fortune! You deserve all of the accolades given! Thank you for your wonderful blog – I enjoy it more with each post you do.

    Now – what does that pummelo taste like?


  2. Hi Randi, you are so deserving of all the attention! Thanks for coining the term, “Pickled and Feathered,” that is so funny!! As for my pickle award, apologies to Mark- I’m not sure how he wears his face hair…. does he have only a mustache? a partial beard?? If you could educate me, I’ll edit my drawing to reflect you better…. LOL! Hugs, Carla


  3. Randi I enjoy our online friendship so much and it sure is a pleasure to watch you bloom as a quilter!! I think its definitely time to stop doubting your abilities and plan on entering the shows!!! I need to somehow find the after work energy you seem to have for your quilting.
    ps congratulations on your Fame!! its so well deserved. and I love the mom and son pics 🙂


  4. How lucky you are to have such a good friend to leave such a sweet surprise!!!!! 😀 As for the quilting, we all know how hard you have worked to be able to quilt like you do. You could watch every video in the world and still not possess the skill without hours and hours of practice and dedication. Go Randi!


  5. Hey Randi, It was so nice to talk to you last night. It is way better than email and blog conversations. I sure wish the regulars would not have been so goofy on Trackside last night and that they would have let Bobby do some more talking. I sure was laughing though.

    Once again the quilt is beautiful. You really do need to pat yourself on the back!


  6. Oh, I love those baby quilts. Almost makes me want a baby…I said almost…hehe!!! Great quilting job also!!! Wish I could do that…you are amazing.



  7. Smooches back at ya!!! Perhaps you want a larger image, perhaps?? Drop me an email if you want a larger image of the Pickle Award. LOL Carla


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