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Getting Closer To The Feathers I Want, But Need Some Advice

I decided to play around on the longarm some today.  I’m pretty pleased with the way my little feathers came out, shape wise.  The very center part isn’t right, but other than that, I like the way they look, from the front.

feather1.jpg  feather2.jpg

Now about the back…I have some questions for you more seasoned feather experts.  I don’t like the way mine look on the back, where the thread builds up…is it supposed to look like this? Or do I need to fiddle with my tension some more? I’m using Signature cotton, Tex 40.


I uploaded the pics as thumbnails, so you can click on them and make them bigger, and really see what I’m talking about. They look “messy” where the thread is backtracked.  How do I make this look better? Any advice you might like to bestow on me would be greatly appreciated.  🙂 Sorry the pics aren’t a little better, I was laying on my back under the longarm table, trying to take them.