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What’s Your Homepage?

A little “just for fun” post this Friday morning, as I sit drinking my coffee and getting geared up to get myself out the door to work.  When you first log on to the internet, what is on your homepage? At work, mine is on msn.com.  But here at home, every morning, I am greeted by a new face from www.dogoftheday.com.  I love this website.  It’s been my homepage for a few years now.  Today’s pic and story are a perfect example of why I enjoy it so much.  I love happy endings. 

My friend’s (who is also my coworker) husband got put in the hospital yesterday.  He tested positive for “the flu” and has fluid in one side of his chest.  I have been feeling like I’m coming down with some upper respiratory something or another for the last couple days.  So I am hitting the Mucinex to see if I can fend it off.  Yuk! My hubby was coughing a lot this morning, too.  And he is wanting to leave Sunday for another week long fishing trip.  I told him he can’t go if he’s getting the same crap our friend Brad has.  Brad, by the way, is not only my friend’s husband, he is my husband’s friend. He also works at our shop on his days off from his regular job, for some extra $$.  And my son is friend’s with their oldest son.  So we all spend a lot of time together, in one way or another.  And now I’ve digressed from my original “homepage” topic, lol. Gotta go anyway! TGIF!!!