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What’s Your Homepage?

A little “just for fun” post this Friday morning, as I sit drinking my coffee and getting geared up to get myself out the door to work.  When you first log on to the internet, what is on your homepage? At work, mine is on msn.com.  But here at home, every morning, I am greeted by a new face from www.dogoftheday.com.  I love this website.  It’s been my homepage for a few years now.  Today’s pic and story are a perfect example of why I enjoy it so much.  I love happy endings. 

My friend’s (who is also my coworker) husband got put in the hospital yesterday.  He tested positive for “the flu” and has fluid in one side of his chest.  I have been feeling like I’m coming down with some upper respiratory something or another for the last couple days.  So I am hitting the Mucinex to see if I can fend it off.  Yuk! My hubby was coughing a lot this morning, too.  And he is wanting to leave Sunday for another week long fishing trip.  I told him he can’t go if he’s getting the same crap our friend Brad has.  Brad, by the way, is not only my friend’s husband, he is my husband’s friend. He also works at our shop on his days off from his regular job, for some extra $$.  And my son is friend’s with their oldest son.  So we all spend a lot of time together, in one way or another.  And now I’ve digressed from my original “homepage” topic, lol. Gotta go anyway! TGIF!!!

6 thoughts on “What’s Your Homepage?

  1. I’m so glad you left a post on my blog as it brought me to yours! Your quilting is amazing and I can hardly wait to see your jacket when it’s finished.

    Hope you are able to fight off the nasty bug going around.


  2. My homepage is Yahoo! I tried Google for a bit, but it is so booooooring!! I missed the news blurbs and sports blurbs and stuff on Yahoo … and it is very easy for me to find more in-depth coverage if something catches my eye.

    I’m open for suggestions for a new one, though!!


  3. Randi, I use opera so my opening page is a speed dial of 10? pages I use most that I can click on. VERY handy. For news I use igoogle that you can add a ton of stuff to. HTH!! I highly recommend zicam and mucinex for colds… sending hugs and extra sleep!


  4. Mine is set for sciencedaily.com. I use to have a news page come up, but it got too depressing. Science Daily has a little bit of everything and I usually read a few of the articles everyday. Our SIL is in a science field, so every once in a while I forward an article to him. He probably thinks, here’s another message from that fuddyduddy!!


  5. I have the intranet site at the office and here I have google but now you are making me rethink, I always end up checking out msn but maybe I should have something fun instead.
    TGIF big time today 🙂


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