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Sunday Report, True Confessions

In addition to the beautiful So Fine threads I bought this week, I bought fabric.  I decided that I didn’t have a suitable backing fabric for the the lighter version of the two 9P & stripes I’m making.  I will be able to find a suitable fabric for the darker one in my stash, but with all this feather practice I’m doing, I wanted something really good for the lighter one.  I hope it turns out really nice. I bought 14 yds of this beautiful Benartex Giverny fabric for $4.05 a yd. from www.thousandsofbolts.com.  I really only needed 10 yds,  but they only had 14 listed in stock, so I figured the other four may as well come along for the ride    🙂  And while I was at it, I went ahead and ordered 5 yds. of this beautiful golden fabric, to use for the back of my Storm at Sea top, that has been finished for quite awhile.


And, I didn’t stop there.  I bought these stencils. Ronda always inpires me with the beautiful quilting she does, and she recommends using stencils.  With all the feather backtracking practice I’ve been doing, I might be getting up enough nerve to try some pretty stencils.


I’m still working on feathering that vintage top to death.  I’m actually feeling feather frazzled…I’m ready to get it off my machine.  One last edge to do…but man does that precision work make my shoulder scream.  I’ve been getting a little more careless with my backtracking, and some of the CC’s, trying to hurry it up a bit.  It’s just for me, anyway, and I’ve gotten some great experience working on it.  However, I now have three paying jobs coming in soon, so I need to get done so I’ll be ready for them.




I did sew up my Wild Onion jacket, and I’m pleased with the quilting.  However, I think I used the wrong batting.  It’s too stiff, and it puffs out weird at the back of the shoulders.  I used Quilter’s Dream request loft poly.   So if I make another, what batting would you suggest?  A light weight cotton, maybe? Also, I think I’ll make the shorter version.


Sunday weigh in: starting weight this week was 147.  Today my weight was 145, for a loss this week of 2 lbs! Total weight loss is now at 9 lbs.  I’m not sure I’ll do so well this next week.  DH was gone from Sunday to Thursday this week, so it was really a lot easier for me to eat less calories. 

So, that’s my report.  I wasn’t really good, but I don’t feel a bit bad!