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Vintage Quilt Pics & New Chickens

First, the quilt, since this blog is mainly about quilting.










Now, my new chicken! Isn’t she adorable? 🙂  I found her in a local shop, in the 70% off stuff.  She cost me thirteen dollars and some change, after tax.  Originally, she was $42.99.  She’s big & heavy.  Some kind of pottery, not resin.  I had to bring her home.




And I meant to blog about this chicken two or three weeks ago.  My friend’s mother came to visit her, and brought this for her to give to me.  She was helping work and estate sale, found this, and thought I needed to have it.  What a nice surprise.


I should be at work right now.  I went this morning, and shortly after I got there, I got really sick at my stomach. Hope it’s just a 24 hr. thing.  My son is now sick with that upper respiratory flu that’s going around.  And of course, he has a golf tournament this weekend.  After a big “family meeting” Monday night, things are much better with us.  He seems to be understanding the reasons for the rules we were disagreeing over, and that for now, at his age, the rules stand.  I got a note from him yesterday, laying on a plate of fresh baked brownies, that said “I’m sorry. I love you.”

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Sunday Report, True Confessions

In addition to the beautiful So Fine threads I bought this week, I bought fabric.  I decided that I didn’t have a suitable backing fabric for the the lighter version of the two 9P & stripes I’m making.  I will be able to find a suitable fabric for the darker one in my stash, but with all this feather practice I’m doing, I wanted something really good for the lighter one.  I hope it turns out really nice. I bought 14 yds of this beautiful Benartex Giverny fabric for $4.05 a yd. from  I really only needed 10 yds,  but they only had 14 listed in stock, so I figured the other four may as well come along for the ride    🙂  And while I was at it, I went ahead and ordered 5 yds. of this beautiful golden fabric, to use for the back of my Storm at Sea top, that has been finished for quite awhile.


And, I didn’t stop there.  I bought these stencils. Ronda always inpires me with the beautiful quilting she does, and she recommends using stencils.  With all the feather backtracking practice I’ve been doing, I might be getting up enough nerve to try some pretty stencils.


I’m still working on feathering that vintage top to death.  I’m actually feeling feather frazzled…I’m ready to get it off my machine.  One last edge to do…but man does that precision work make my shoulder scream.  I’ve been getting a little more careless with my backtracking, and some of the CC’s, trying to hurry it up a bit.  It’s just for me, anyway, and I’ve gotten some great experience working on it.  However, I now have three paying jobs coming in soon, so I need to get done so I’ll be ready for them.




I did sew up my Wild Onion jacket, and I’m pleased with the quilting.  However, I think I used the wrong batting.  It’s too stiff, and it puffs out weird at the back of the shoulders.  I used Quilter’s Dream request loft poly.   So if I make another, what batting would you suggest?  A light weight cotton, maybe? Also, I think I’ll make the shorter version.


Sunday weigh in: starting weight this week was 147.  Today my weight was 145, for a loss this week of 2 lbs! Total weight loss is now at 9 lbs.  I’m not sure I’ll do so well this next week.  DH was gone from Sunday to Thursday this week, so it was really a lot easier for me to eat less calories. 

So, that’s my report.  I wasn’t really good, but I don’t feel a bit bad!

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Good Sunday Mornin’! Edited to add some Stashbusting

One last day in my four day weekend.  I’m so sad to have to go back to work tomorrow.  Yesterday, I did something fun. A few months ago, I was watching one of my Linda Taylor dvd’s of her PBS series, Linda’s Longarm Quilting.  She had an episode on quilting vintage tops.  That set me off on an Ebay binge…lol.  I finally got an opportunity to work on one of them. Isn’t it a beauty? I tried to keep it as square as possible, but it is a little wonky.  Now it goes on the WOB list (waiting on binding).  I hope it also qualifies as part of my stash busting effort, as it was on the shelf with my stash, and I used backing fabric for my stash, and will use the same for the binding.


Just look at all the beautiful fabrics in here.  I love them!


I used a repro backing that I got from Christian Lane Quilters.


The story, from the Ebay lister, is that she purchased this top from an elderly woman named May, who she reckons to be in her 80’s.  But get this…there wasn’t just this one top…there are two of these beauties! The tops were pieced by her mother, from May’s and May’s sister’s dresses. She said there was no one left in her family that would want them. They are from somewhere in Missouri. The seller had them listed separately, and I won them both. Here is the other top. 


This is a pic of the backside, showing all the handstitching.


Now then, if you are reading this, and have fallen on the floor hyperventilating because I dared “machine” quilt these old tops, sorry, but you will have to get over it.  I know there are some that are totally against this, but please save yourself some time and do not bother to send me flaming comments.  I know, as a piecer myself, that if years and years down the road, some future quilter comes into possession of some of my unquilted tops, nothing would make me happier than for her to love them and finish them in whatever manner suited her. I think May’s mother would be tickled to see her projects finally finished, and know that they are in a good home where they are loved and appreciated.

I had some spare backing and batting left at the bottom when I was done quilting, so just for fun, I pulled out a strip of scrap fabric and did a quick feather practice.


Yes, yesterday was a good day! I got some of the ornaments hung on the tree, set out a nativity scene, and made more progress on my cousin’s binding.  I hope your weekend is goind great, as well! Even though I am not done decorating it, I will conclude this post with some pics of my tree and nativity scene for Kay.


Also, on the stashbusting topic, I would like to add that I resisted the tempation to even go look at the end of bolt Thanksgiving sale at Thousands of Bolts.  When I got the email, I deleted it and did not go shop for more fabric!