Happy Thanksgiving!

Please bear with me, as I’ve been quite a blog slacker as of late.  I just have to let this shoulder-whatever thing ease up, and am severely limiting my computer time to give it more time to rest.  I had my xrays Monday, and after a quick look at them, my chiro said the only thing jumping out at him was that my whole upper spine seems to be shifted to the right side.  He was going to go over them more closely and will visit with me indepth about them at my next appt.  However, after taking the round of prednisone, I do feel better.  Today is the best it has been.  I seriously wonder if it is the amount of time I’m using that arm/hand with my mouse.  I spend many hours, at work and home, on the computer.  And neither place is set up for great ergonomics.  I don’t think that would necessarily explain the grinding, popping noises and feelings going on in that side.  Like the feeling that my collar bone is popping in and out of place, and that my vertebrae feel like they are rubbing against each other, among numerous other pops & crackles in that side.  None of this goes on in the left side, mind you.  Just the right.  Anyway, I am also going to try a massage therapist.  If this doesn’t start helping, I am going back to my doctor and insist that he sends me to a doctor in Amarillo that can do more extensive testing, like a nerve study or something. Something has to be happening to explain the extreme amount of pain I end up in.  It really irritates and depresses me, because it keeps me from my quilting! Anyway, today I am much better, and for that I am thankful! Thank y’all for the well wishes and the private emails that I have rec’d checking up on me.  I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  I was going to do a post listing things I am thankful for, but I would be here typing til midnight!  When I really start to list my blessings….WOW! I’m a lucky girl!

I hope to have some more interesting material in the next few days.  Thanks for hanging in here with me!

9 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. I surely hope your shoulder gets better! I can’t imagine trying to type and quilt and do everything else with pain in the shoulder.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you!


  2. Randi, constant pain has to be so horribly wearing on your mind and body. I feel for you and others who are dealing with this day after day.

    I hope some answers are found and that relief is around the corner.

    Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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