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Just Checking In…this post is all WHINE…

I’m sorry if you’ve been dropping by just to find nothing new.  I woke up Saturday morning with my shoulder/back really bothering me, but tried to keep doing a few things.  By Sunday morning, I couldn’t raise up out of bed w/o help from DH.  Monday, I got in to my chiro and he worked on my, did ultrasound treatment, told me to ice it and really up my intake of Aleve or Advil.  I had a wonderful three day weekend planned to work on my projects and couldn’t do a darn thing.  Three glorious days off from my day job and I spent most all of them in bed. Plus I stayed home Tues as I still wasn’t much better, took 12 Aleve throughout the day.  Went to work Wed morning, back to chiro that afternoon.  He did a muscle stem treatment on me, which has helped some.  And he called my doctor and they have me taking Prednisone to reduce the inflammation.  Monday morning I go for new xrays.  So I haven’t been able to stand being on the computer much and I haven’t done any sewing.  Hopefully, I will have it back under control soon and can get back to my normal routines.  Oh, and lets don’t even talk about the shape my house is in now….