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Is it not Friday yet…???

This has been such a hectic week for me at work.  Today will be the same.  I’m sure ready for Friday.  Tomorrow I get off early, but I’m getting my hair cut & new color, so that will take pretty much the whole afternoon.  I need to be working on my quilting projects.  I am making progress on my cousin’s quilt, and I think that may have something to do with my anxious-ness.  I’ve frogged two feathers, already…hopefully there will be no more frogging.  I think that I’m trying “too hard” because I want it to be so special, that I get myself all frazzled out in my head.  And I become extremely critical of my work.  I think it’s just too many things going on at once in different areas of my life. 

My oldest stepdaughter will be having a hysterectomy on the 8th, and I am ready for that to be behind her, also.  She’s only 31.  If you are so inclined, please say a prayer for her that all will go smoothly and there will be no bad test results from the lab work.

Carla, I finally took a pic of the inversion table for you.  It’s at a bit of a weird angle, but I was trying to get the whole apparatus in the pic. It’s a Teeter Hang Ups.

inversion.jpgI went for my chiropractic treatment yesterday, and my chiropractor said he thinks it’s great that I  got one and am using it.

Gotta run for now!