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What’s on my bed?

I have a cheap bedspread that I bought from JC Penney’s.  However, on top of that, I have a queen size quilt that I made.  It’s an oak leaf reel from a Fons & Porter issue.  Since my bed is a king, it doesn’t cover, so that’s why it is on top of the bedspread.  Not the greatest decorating touch, but I am hoping that before too much longer the starry log cabin I am working on will take the place of both of these, and be the “star” of my bedroom. 


Yesterday, I did get the binding stitched to my cousin’s quilt, and last night I began the handstitching to the back.  The finish line is getting closer!

As I was complaining to my husband that I needed to put up the Christmas tree ( I am so not in the mood for Christmas decorating this year), he reminded me that we threw our old tree out last year! I forgot this! Why didn’t I remember when we were at my parents the day before, when I was five minutes from a Walmart, rather than an hour from one?  Crud! So we go out shopping here for a Christmas tree yesterday.  They had some really ugly, pitiful looking ones at our Alco, but they weren’t exactly “cheap”.  Well, not proportionately cheap to the ugly, anyway.  Then we went to the local flower shop.  Beautiful trees, but I was gonna have to drop over $450.00.  But they did have a 25 year warranty.  Finally found a new tree the local True Value.  And it was more than I wanted to spend, also, but I guess I’ll get over it.  It’s prelit with the hinged branches, like the ones at the flower store, but no 25 year warranty.  I might want a new one before 25 years is over, anyway.  I thought I was never gonna finish “fluffing” the branches last night.  Also, it looks much larger in my living room than it did in the store.  I was kinda wanting to downsize, but I didn’t manage to get that one right…lol.  We usually put the tree by the fireplace, where my new leather chair and ottoman are now.  So I had to find a different corner to tuck it into.  I guess I’ll start putting the ornaments on today.