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Just Checking In…this post is all WHINE…

I’m sorry if you’ve been dropping by just to find nothing new.  I woke up Saturday morning with my shoulder/back really bothering me, but tried to keep doing a few things.  By Sunday morning, I couldn’t raise up out of bed w/o help from DH.  Monday, I got in to my chiro and he worked on my, did ultrasound treatment, told me to ice it and really up my intake of Aleve or Advil.  I had a wonderful three day weekend planned to work on my projects and couldn’t do a darn thing.  Three glorious days off from my day job and I spent most all of them in bed. Plus I stayed home Tues as I still wasn’t much better, took 12 Aleve throughout the day.  Went to work Wed morning, back to chiro that afternoon.  He did a muscle stem treatment on me, which has helped some.  And he called my doctor and they have me taking Prednisone to reduce the inflammation.  Monday morning I go for new xrays.  So I haven’t been able to stand being on the computer much and I haven’t done any sewing.  Hopefully, I will have it back under control soon and can get back to my normal routines.  Oh, and lets don’t even talk about the shape my house is in now….


16 thoughts on “Just Checking In…this post is all WHINE…

  1. Randi!! I’m so sorry you still feel bad!! I was hoping you were too busy quilting to blog!! Keeping you in my thoughts and hoping for the best!!


  2. Oh you poor thing! I have BTDT… it’s no fun, so please do be good to yourself so you can get better fast. Afterall, you’ll need to be in good shape for Thanksgiving. 😉


  3. Nancy – I’ve been remiss in checking out my favorite blogs – sorry to hear you have been in pain – sure hope this finds you on the mend.


  4. Randi – while taking my shower my brain unfogged and I gasped! I wrote Nancy! Please forgive me – I had just been at Nancy’s blog before yours.


  5. Randi, sorry you are having such a rough (and painful) time…..sending you good thoughts and wishes that the pain will go away soon!


  6. Randi- Just take it easy and don’t overdo it…Kick some butt and get the “men of the house” in gear and get them to help pick up! It won’t be perfect, but better than nothing and you don’t have to do all yourself!


  7. Randi,

    I feel for you, this pain stuff truly takes everything we enjoy in life and twists it up and leaves us with only energy to lay around. I am so sorry, wish I could help, know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope you get some relief SOON! Pain is not good for the body or the soul. Hang in there, I know how hard it is…. Hugs to you…..


  8. I’m new to this site. Please help. I am trying to locate a solid color white or off-white whole quilt top. My mom loves to quilt and has never done what I think is called a “whole quilt” (solid color with an intricate pattern quilted in it). Are there any suggestions where I can find such a top? I am a novice, but my mom has made her own quilts for over 50 years–totally hand done. Any help would be appreciated.


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