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At the start of the day yesterday, I had a fairly long ponytail.  No more! I got a fun, new haircut yesterday afternoon.  I’m really bad about getting a new cut, color, etc., then not going back for six months or more.  I’m not good at the “maintenance” part.  Hard to find that “pamper me” time.  In fact, I needed my roots redone yesterday, but didn’t want to take time for that, so I will just have salt & pepper roots for a little while.  I’m kinda curious to see just how much more gray is up there now, anyhow.


I did jump in and get started on the applique yesterday.  So far, so good.  Not perfect, but looking good.  I’ll post pics when I get it finished. Have a great weekend! I hope my friend Diane has the best birthday ever, and that Jr. wins while she is there watching!

For those just now reading this, if it doesn’t make sense with some of the replies, I edited it to remove some content.  Had an unusual “visitor”,  so I removed a pic that was here earlier.  No, Poodle, I’m not referring to you…LOL.  Anyway, probably me just being overly cautious…

10 thoughts on “Haircut

  1. Your son is quite handsome….I don’t blame you for sharing! And I love your haircut. I have thought at times about letting mine grow longer and if it would look like yours, I would. But my hair is so limp that it would lay flat against my head.


  2. Love the haircut! I’d like to grow mine out, but it reaches that certain point in growth and unmanagability and off it goes. Can’t stand the in-between length!
    Cute couple…what kind of flower is she wearing? I remember our homecoming days, it was big old pom-pom mums. Huge, white and ugly!!


  3. Thanks, y’all for the nice comments. I think they are awfully cute, but I’m completely predjudiced. Jami, the flower is a silk mum. Much better than the real ones we used to have, that wilted and fell apart. These make great keepsakes. And our colors are red & white, so a perfect match! Thanks for the nice compliments on the hair, too…I think it’s gonna be easy peasy to fix.


  4. What a handsome couple and I love your new haircut, I do the same let it go until it drives me nuts. Can’t wait to see the quilt when you get it done


  5. Wendy…lol…I really don’t know if there was a dance after the game or not. DS & friend didn’t go if there was, as she is only a freshman, and her parents made her go home right after the game. Good for them, I say!


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