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Need Some Applique Advice

Ok, applique gurus…I would love some input from you.  I am to the applique stage on my cousin’s log cabin.  Right now, I think my plan is to do fusible with satin stitch on the edges.  Or would you recommend a different method?  This quilt, though I’m sure it will be well cared for, will be used.  It is intended for their bed.  This is the applique pattern I am to use.  It is their cattle brand.

brand.JPG It will go here, in the pieced center of the log cabin quilt, barn raising layout.

lccenter.JPG Another question is that I do not have the right color of embroidery thread.  The applique will be done in the darkest of the browns I am using in the logs.  I do, however, have the right color in Signature cotton machine quilting thread.  Any reason not to use it for the satin stitching?  Do I need to wait til I can get the right color of brown embroidery thread?

Thanks for any help! I really want to get this right the first try!

2 thoughts on “Need Some Applique Advice

  1. I am NOT an applique guru… but for what it is worth, I would use misty fuse to fuse it (it’s less stiff than some options) and I would use the signature to do the satin stitching without hesitation. And I really can’t wait to see it! 🙂


  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Jan! I need it! I only have Wonder Under on hand, so that will be the fusible of choice. 🙂 Cross your fingers for me. I’m really kinda wiggin’ out about this part.


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