Just Checking In

I haven’t fallen of the Earth…it was just an incredibly hectic week.  I didn’t even get my log cabin blocks done during the week, but I caught them up this weekend.  I also got a little work done on my cousin’s quilt, along with laundry, housework, and doing some straightening in my closet.  I went to my endocrinologist appt. on Wednesday.  I had a followup ultrasound on the nodule in my thyroid, and I don’t have to have a needle biopsy this year.  Yahoo!  There were no significant changes in size, so we wait a year, do another ultrasound and go from there.  He also did some bloodwork, which all came back normal.  I told him I’m tired all the time.  I have to go back to Amarillo this Wednesday for the annual mammogram and more blood test that my gyno ordered, when I had my checkup with him.  I’m not supposed to eat or drink after midnight for these, so I will want to get there early and get them over with…lol.  My shoulder is driving my crazy, along with my right hand & wrist again.  I’m trying to stay off the computer a little more…not always so successful with that.