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From One Project To Another

I have numerous projects going, and this weekend, it seems my goal is to do a little of everything.  I completed my “homework” for next month’s quilt guild meeting.  I completed the next “block” in my project for our block of the month challenge.

This was a fun block, once I got past the frustrati0n of learning to machine blanket stitch the stars halfway decently.  The points really gave me fits to start with, and I don’t know that I ever got them “right”, but I’m happy enough with them.

While I was working on those, I had my embroidery machine running, making these angel parts:

This is going to be my ornament for the guild ornament exchange at our Christmas party this year.

Speaking of quilt guild, I have to give mine a shout out.  It seems that a topic that pops up a lot in online quilting forums is ugliness of one kind or another at quilt guilds…hatefulness among members, etc.  Well, my quilt guild is awesome! The camaraderie is something I look forward to every month.  It’s really a special group and I’m thankful to be a part of it.

I also worked on Sana’s quilt, from the previous post.  I have almost all the crosshatching finished, some more rope border done, and almost all of the SID.  Once I’m completely finished with those things, I will go back and do the rest of the star blocks.  I only did the first two, to make sure I liked the design.  Then, I went back to the crosshatching and SID to get the whole quilt stabilized.

And, after all that…I treated myself to a little time to spend on an applique project that I have started.  I found a yummy kit at Material Girls fabric shop in Borger, for a yummy quilt by Blackbird designs.  I needed another project like I need another hole in my head…but…well, y’all understand don’t ya?  I also discovered that the girls from Blackbird designs have a nice blog, too, called One Stitch At A Time.  They even love the caterpillars that eat their dill and parsley, and then turn into swallowtail butterflies, just like I do! Their pattern is for needle turn applique, but the only time I tried that, I found it to be a very frustrating experience.  Not my strong suit, at all.  So, I’m doing it the way Sharon Schamber teaches in her book, Piece by Piece Machine Applique. It involves special wash away stabilizer and Elmer’s washable glue sticks and Liquid Stitch.  I’m pretty slow at this, so I will probably still be working on this a few years from now.  I hope I stay with it…I really like the quilt and want to finish it.  I think it will be so much fun to quilt on my longarm!

I even did some laundry and housework today.  Yep, it was a good Saturday! Hope your weekend is going great! Thanks for stopping by!

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A Tisket A Tasket…

I started a little basket.


Lord knows I needed another project to work on right now, so he made sure I stumbled across this one from Bunny Hill Designs…lol.  It’s called a Tisket A Tasket, and it’s a free block of the month.

A Tisket A Tasket, Twelve Months of Baskets

Applique is really a struggle for me, so mine may not get any further than this, but I’m going to try.  Just one a month.  We’ll see.  That tiny little carrot nose almost did me in.  I am using the Sharon Schamber applique method, which involves a stabilizer under each piece and lots of washable Elmer’s glue.  Right now, glue is the only thing holding mine together.  Also, there’s the issue of the hand embroidery that has to be done.  Not sure how that is going to work out for me.  Succeed or fail, I will keep you posted!  But isn’t it a cute project?

I am still quilting on Joanna’s Five & Dime.  I have one last paisley/peacock filler block to finish with the lighter thread, and then I will finish the flower blocks.  I have the swirlies done.  There are a few blocks that I will use a darker thread in, the pinkish blocks, and the three long strips.  After I finish with the rest of the flowers, I will start quilting some feathered hearts, using a hook type feather in the remaining blocks, that measure 9.5″ square.  It’s been going well and I’m anxious to see it unfold, so to speak.  It’s fun watching the transition from unquilted to quilted.  I never get tired of it.

Enjoy your Saturday! Try to spend some time doing something you love!

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Thursday Tidbits

Today’s post will be a hodge podge of things I’ve been meaning to get around to posting, but haven’t found the time to sit down and do it.

Remember that pile of fabric, for the fall wallhanging, I had pulled out in the middle of my quilt room floor not so long ago? Well, since then, I did actually get started on it.  I am not so good at applique, but hope my skills will improve some by the time I finish this little project. These are the first two blocks I have worked on.  I still need to add the flower stem and crow’s feet.  This will also qualify as a stash buster project, as I am using only fabrics that were already in my stash.


And the start of another fabric basket, which is also using fabric from my stash.



And, from my stash of scraps, I made my first attempt at a coffee cuff, and gave it to one of my friends at work. It’s not so wonderful, but she loved it.


This is the beautiful sunrise I saw out my back door yesterday morning, and I wanted to share it with you.



The clouds, especially in the first pic, looked like snow to me, like the world was upside down.

I have been making some project progress this week, in the evenings, after work.  I am working on my starry log cabin center.  I have seven of the 10 rows sewn to each other. I am almost finished stitching the binding on my cousin’s quilt.  I have a little over one side and one corner to go.  Then a label, a wash & dry, and I will be done! Woohoo!

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Making up for lost blogging time…lol

I’ve been going around today taking some pictures to post in the next few days.  Today, I will start with some pics I took yesterday.  I took my cousin’s quilt to my parents house, to lay out on their bed for better photos.  I still don’t have it trimmed, and now that my shoulder is feeling better, I hope to be able to get the binding attached to the front today.  Then I can start the handstitching.  I think it will be plenty big, even after shrinking when I wash it.  I’m sure y’all are getting tired of this one, and will be ready for me to move on to another project…lol.  Right now, this one has to be top priority. I think they will love it, especially when they notice the little details, like the horses and horse shoes in the borders, and the stetsons and boots. That is not threadiness in the feather spine, but marking chalk, which will wash out.


Speaking of yesterday, we went to my parents house, which is an hour from where we live.  My brother and his family came, too.  We had a really nice day.  I ate wayyyyy to much and loved every bite! Mom sent us home with a nice bit of leftovers and I am looking forward to heating them up in a bit. 

It is freezing cold outside and we are getting our first snowfall of the season. What a great day to get to be home! Ilove, love, love four day weekends! 🙂

Coming up soon, I will have pics of some small projects I managed to work on, even while my shoulder was bothering me so, and I will discuss my stash and the need to be using it up and not adding to it, and catching up with the “what’s on your bed” question that has been going around.  Stay tuned! 🙂

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What am I thinking???

Someone, slap me upside the head with a fat quarter!  WHY am I dragging fabrics out of the stash to start another project?  Seriously, why?? Do I not have enough other projects going on that I need to be working on? So what is this pile of fabric doing in my quilting room floor, hoping to become part of this wallhanging? I think I have a problem…QADD (Quilter’s Attention Deficit Disorder) 🙂


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At the start of the day yesterday, I had a fairly long ponytail.  No more! I got a fun, new haircut yesterday afternoon.  I’m really bad about getting a new cut, color, etc., then not going back for six months or more.  I’m not good at the “maintenance” part.  Hard to find that “pamper me” time.  In fact, I needed my roots redone yesterday, but didn’t want to take time for that, so I will just have salt & pepper roots for a little while.  I’m kinda curious to see just how much more gray is up there now, anyhow.


I did jump in and get started on the applique yesterday.  So far, so good.  Not perfect, but looking good.  I’ll post pics when I get it finished. Have a great weekend! I hope my friend Diane has the best birthday ever, and that Jr. wins while she is there watching!

For those just now reading this, if it doesn’t make sense with some of the replies, I edited it to remove some content.  Had an unusual “visitor”,  so I removed a pic that was here earlier.  No, Poodle, I’m not referring to you…LOL.  Anyway, probably me just being overly cautious…

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Need Some Applique Advice

Ok, applique gurus…I would love some input from you.  I am to the applique stage on my cousin’s log cabin.  Right now, I think my plan is to do fusible with satin stitch on the edges.  Or would you recommend a different method?  This quilt, though I’m sure it will be well cared for, will be used.  It is intended for their bed.  This is the applique pattern I am to use.  It is their cattle brand.

brand.JPG It will go here, in the pieced center of the log cabin quilt, barn raising layout.

lccenter.JPG Another question is that I do not have the right color of embroidery thread.  The applique will be done in the darkest of the browns I am using in the logs.  I do, however, have the right color in Signature cotton machine quilting thread.  Any reason not to use it for the satin stitching?  Do I need to wait til I can get the right color of brown embroidery thread?

Thanks for any help! I really want to get this right the first try!