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Waaaa!! It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to!

Ok, yesterday it was Kay, today it’s me 😦 .  I’m doing the dreaded “f” word.  Yep, frogging.  It was supposed to be a quickie, easy peasy little money maker.  42″ wallhanging with Leaf Pile panto.  How hard can that be?  Well, apparently pretty difficult.  My customer requested a variegated with colors in the fabrics.  I have a cone of Signature Autumn, and the colors in it are PERFECT.  But, it’s a Tex 50.  I’m not experienced with this thread, so I filled  a bobbin with Tex 40 Signature in Camel.  I thought I had the tension set pretty good…did some practice stitches first and tweaked it, took off stitching.  First problem was a thread break.  Fixed that, then noticed that the pokies on top are pretty bad.  Looks great on the back.  I’m frogging the whole first row.  Thank goodness it’s only 42″ and not 102″.  So, I’m sure it’s a tension balance thing, and I went back to my practice sandwich, and have it looking good on top there, but then I look at the bottom, and the pokies have moved down there.  GRRRR…maybe I just need to give up and use a pretty Rainbow I have that will work with this top, also.  I also tried filling a bobbin with the variegated, and try to match the bobbin color with what was coming off the top at the same time, but that didn’t work and I had worse pokies.  Is it possible to run variegated in top and bottom without ANY pokies?  I hate pokies.  

Right now, I’m leaving it alone for awhile, to watch the NASCAR race and work on piecing my borders for Carrie & John’s quilt.  I got the entire center pieced together yesterday and am quite happy with it.  Wonder if I will see Diane on TV today? 

This is the center of the quilt, before I got the last row added.


And, on another bright note, I now have the starry log cabin block countdown under twenty!

5 thoughts on “Waaaa!! It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to!

  1. They kept showing the camping section of the race track on every news broadcast and I kept looking, and then I realized…. I don’t know what Diane looks like…. well now lol… The brand quilt looks great!! And I know… I was frogging some more invisible thread today… oh my eyes..


  2. Isn’t it a pain when things don’t come together like we think they should? I have used Signature var. on top and bobbin – worked great for me. I have also used it with permacore in the bobbin, and it worked great, too. However, I must say that my good ol’ Gam Opt is a real champion. I just adjust the bobbin tension, and never have to touch the top tension, even when changing thread. I sometimes can’t even believe the fabulous tension is get. Better knock on wood on that one!!!!


  3. oh randi, i hope i wasn’t contagious! glad you’ve been able to move on. frogging…..the bane of my existance (well one of them anyway!)


  4. I am home and wiped out! Sorry to say that I did not make the TV. DH and and one of the guys we went with were on speed channel on the show that is on on Sunday morning with Jimmy Spencer and Kenny Wallace. I was busy in the Fanwalk at that time. Check my blog later in the week to see what I was doing!


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