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Just Yard Stuff Pics

Well, I don’t have anything new to report on the quilting front, so how about the rest of those piddling around the yard photos I promised.

This is my little plum tree.000_4550.jpg

000_4610.jpg000_4609.jpg I just thought these leaves at the tip top of it looked pretty.  Reminded me of pretty fabric, or a pretty art quilt. This pic is just to give you a perspective of where they are on the tree.000_46141.jpg  Day lillies that came from one little sprig, in a stryrofoam cup, brought home by a 1st grader, for Mother’s Day.  These are also one of the things that make me happy when I see them.000_4587.jpg000_4598.jpgAnd lastly, a hosta blooming.000_4616.jpg

8 thoughts on “Just Yard Stuff Pics

  1. Randi, how did you propagate that day lily from that 1st grader and get it to grow? My day lilies are blooming now, but my hosta hasn’t bloomed yet this year. I always enjoy your yard pictures


  2. Judy, the teacher helped them with them. It was in dirt, in a cup. I just stuck it and the dirt in the ground. They grew, and grew. I’m surprised my hostas got to bloom. Bunbun likes them 😉


  3. ROTFL…. funny you should mention that… my wild bunnies only like certain varieties of hostas…. but apparently okra is tasty 😀 Your yard is great!! It looks so peaceful!!


  4. We generally don’t have bunnies in our yard… but did spot one a few weeks ago. I think it was someone’s escapee!
    We *do* have squirrels, though. These are the bane of my existence. Unlike rabbits, squirrels leap into my trees and steal plums, peaches and nectarines. They will completely strip the apricots and figs before they’ve even finished growing.

    Your yard is so very peaceful, Randi…. love the photos.


  5. The birds got my little plums while I was at my parents house for those few days last week. They were just almost ripe when I left. It didn’t put many on this year.


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