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Storm at Sea Top Finished!

000_4808.jpgI finished my Storm at Sea top last night.  Not the best piecing job, but hey, it’s done.  I did discover that those points really do match up much better if you take the time to put a pin in them!  LOL!  Who knew?  This one will be challenging to me when it comes quilting time.  I am running way late this morning, and have to drive to our Borger office for work today.  Firearms inspection and requalifying is today. So no sewing on my lunch break today.  😦  Guess I better run!

19 thoughts on “Storm at Sea Top Finished!

  1. Love it…. What do you mean some of the points are not there??? They certainly are, they are just hiding around the corner….. Great Job


  2. Pretty Randi. Is that a John Flynn kit? I did one too, if it is. I put a panto on it because it was so busy, and because it was for my Bizzy granddaughter. Looking forward to seeing how you quilt it.



  3. Thanks! It is a John Flynn kit, Gayle. Got it from Wilma & Jim. I would still be cutting out the pieces. It made it really fun to put together.


  4. I love the quilt, I have made a couple of them over the years. What I love about them is the “hearts” that appear. Congrats on requalifying. My is teaching our 9 year old how to shoot. He does real good shooting the black birds around here.

    Karen L


  5. Randi,

    I’ve enjoyed your blog…. love those caterpillars on the dill. Here in Southern California I’ve got butterfly weed planted for Monarchs. I’ve also thought about buying some dill for the Swallowtails. We had one hatch here next to my front window, and I hadn’t the faintest idea where that fat caterpillar had come from!
    Will you do me a favor and write me? I’d like to post to you privately. : )


    Thanks, Randi!


  6. I am so glad you are enjoying my blog. This blogging is really quite fun. I’m not the most entertaining person, but I’m trying!


  7. Well what an inspiration your Storm At Sea is.Its superb! I have lots and lots of batiks and was waiting for a pattern to put them to good use.So now I know what I will do with them can’t wait to get started.


  8. Did you get pre-cut pieces for this quilt from a company called “Flynn’s” who will pre-cut the fabrice for you? I just received a pre-cut package with all the pieces for the Storm-at-Sea and now I’m not sure how to start? How did you organize your pieces? And colors? This is my third quilt and I feel a bit overwhelmed with this project of putting together the colors so they work. But I’m not ready to pack it in yet. Can you help me out with some advise? 🙂 Thanks in advance. virginia


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