Late Start to a Busy Day

Today and tomorrow are my son’s days off so I’m not keeping my two littles and have my days filled with my own activities. However, I really overslept this morning. On the to do list is a workout, paperwork for our oilfield business, some stitching on a commissioned quilt for a client, and cooking up some venison. I’m new to that last one. My husband harvested his first ever deer on my family farmland, which I inherited a share of when my mom passed. I’ll share more on that as we go along here. It’s one of my favorite places on Earth. Today, the plan is to try chicken frying some back-strap. Check back later to see how this all ends up and how many things I actually get checked off my list. But first, I have a breakfast date with my hubby. Oh, and there’s a massage appointment scheduled in the afternoon for me, also. I have a feeling I’m not going to get everything accomplished that I wanted. That’s just a typical day for me though, lol.

In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful client quilt I got to do the longarm quilting on recently. One of my favorites from last year. Thanks again to Ruth Ann for trusting me with this treasure! This is all freehand and ruler work.

4 thoughts on “Late Start to a Busy Day

    1. Thank you, Joy! It seems the tendency these days is to quilt things to death. You know, where every available patch of fabric is stuffed full of heavy quilting? And, sometimes it’s the right thing and breathtaking, but many times, I think the actual piecing and pattern of the quilt can become overwhelmed and overshadowed by the quilting. My client did not want heavy quilting on this at all. She made it for her mother and didn’t want it too stiff. It needed to be soft and cuddly. She was thrilled with it. You do lovely work!

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    1. Thank you, Tracy! It is a a joyful activity for me. Most of the time! There are those frustrating days when the tension or thread breaking gremlins visit 😂. The custom jobs challenge me creatively, and it’s such a satisfying feeling when I finish one up and have a happy client. It’s a wonderful “ job” to have. 😍 Have a great weekend!

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