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Wrapping Up this Thursday

As this day has wound down to a close, I’m sitting by the bedroom fireplace listening to little sleet balls ping against the windows. It’s supposed to do that all night. I’m glad I don’t have anywhere I have to go in the morning.

I did pretty good at getting most of my to do list tackled today. I did my paperwork that needed tended. I focused on cutting out more pieces for the commissioned quilt instead of sewing. The cutting seems to be moving rather slowly as I’m not using fat quarters I can stack and cut multiple block sets from at once. Using clothing makes that part quite a bit more tedious. At least it does for me. Some of the fabrics are a bit fussy to work with, also. I’m anxious to see how it comes together. It has such a varied array of patterns, colors and fabrics, but each item has special meaning to my client.

I did make my first chicken fried venison steaks with some back strap meat from the doe my husband harvested. This was a first for us both as it was his first deer. I was pleasantly surprised that it turned out quite tasty.

I used my Pampered Chef meat tenderizer on it before soaking in it milk for about 4 hours before frying. It was also my first time using it as it’s a recent purchase. I was very pleased with it. It made quick work of getting the steaks prepped. I had them all done and soaking in less than 15 minutes. I have no affiliation with Pampered Chef, but I do have and use several of their products.

I always lose some of the crispy coating when I cook chicken fried steaks and I don’t know why. If you have any tips for keeping it stuck, I’d love to hear them.


Late Start to a Busy Day

Today and tomorrow are my son’s days off so I’m not keeping my two littles and have my days filled with my own activities. However, I really overslept this morning. On the to do list is a workout, paperwork for our oilfield business, some stitching on a commissioned quilt for a client, and cooking up some venison. I’m new to that last one. My husband harvested his first ever deer on my family farmland, which I inherited a share of when my mom passed. I’ll share more on that as we go along here. It’s one of my favorite places on Earth. Today, the plan is to try chicken frying some back-strap. Check back later to see how this all ends up and how many things I actually get checked off my list. But first, I have a breakfast date with my hubby. Oh, and there’s a massage appointment scheduled in the afternoon for me, also. I have a feeling I’m not going to get everything accomplished that I wanted. That’s just a typical day for me though, lol.

In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful client quilt I got to do the longarm quilting on recently. One of my favorites from last year. Thanks again to Ruth Ann for trusting me with this treasure! This is all freehand and ruler work.


More Good Food

I had high hopes of getting the quilting started on baby C’s quilt. Instead, I lazed around too long this morning drinking coffee and just being bums in general with Mr. O. That was followed by a grocery gathering outing. I wanted to plan out some meals for the week and get a head start on the cooking. My whole afternoon was spent in the kitchen, trying out a couple “new to me” recipes, both of which were links I saved from Facebook.

I made a chicken avocado lime soup recipe that I hadn’t tried before and added a couple tweaks of my own. I threw in some baby carrots and calabacita squash. This one went in the fridge for dinner tomorrow evening.


The jalapenos boiling in the pot were for the salsa that we will spoon into our soup when we eat it, as we like it spicy.


I made carne guisada con papas, which turned out to be very tasty, and was our choice for dinner tonight. It made a lot, so I sent some home with my son and his family. I found this recipe on Hispanic Kitchen blog. There’s some really yummy looking food on their site and I look forward to trying some more new dishes. My hubby loved it!


And, you can see that pan of frijoles refritos on the back burner, made from the pot of beans I cooked yesterday. Have I made you hungry yet? 😋

All that cooking and cleaning up after wore me out. La cocina en Casa de Ortega está cerrado por la noche. Have a good one!