A New Favorite Treat

Wow, the wind is blowing like a hundred miles an hour here today. Ok, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it is bad y’all. Our area is in a wind and fire advisory. When the wind is this bad it always makes me feel a bit unsettled. I have my two youngest grandsons with me today til their parents get off from work. They have been busy bees today, but right now we are having a bit of calm while they watch a few cartoons. That gives me a chance to snuggle up and get cozy under my chicken quilt with one of my small humans,

and enjoy sipping from a big tumbler full of a yummy high caffeine black coconut tea I bought at the Old Barrel Tea Company in Ruidoso, NM when we traveled there for a holiday getaway right after Christmas.

I’m glad they ship because I’m going to want more of this when I run out. I also got a nice decaf one called Mountain Sunrise that I’ve been enjoying hot in the evenings. It has a nice, light citrus flavor. I need to try it over ice, also. What are some of your favorite teas?