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Good Food, Good Day

So, I loved Mexican food anyway, but now that I am married to a Mexican man that grew up on authentic Mexican cooking, I’m experiencing a lot of new dishes. It’s not been good for my weight, which I finally had down to my goal. But yum. I have a lot to learn in the kitchen, and have added some Mexican cooking blogs to my reader. Luckily, as my cooking time is limited, we have lots of little mom and pop type Mexican restaurants in our community, serving up delicious authentic Mexican food to satisfy just about any craving. Lunch today was at one of our favorites, a little place called El General. Five years ago if you had told me I would be eating tacos de tripas, I would have said you were bat crap crazy, lol. I mean…ewwww, right? Well…I’ve gotten a bit more adventurous in this new chapter of my life. And not only do I eat them, I love them! I prefer them fried to a medium crispness. I’m not crazy about the texture just cooked, but fried they are really good. Today I had two tacos de tripas and two tacos al pastor.


Four sounds like a lot, but they are little tacos. Also, I actually ended up giving one of the al pastor to Efren. So, I only ate three.

Efren loves his beans, and is used to having them almost every day, with most meals. This morning I started a big pot of beans in the crock pot. One thing I’ve gotten pretty good at making is homemade frijoles refritos, or refried beans. They really are soooo much better than what comes in the can. I always cook mine with a chunk of salt pork, added salt to taste, a little garlic powder, and some chile powder. Today, I threw in a couple dried hot hatch chiles. We ate beans tonight southern style. With a batch of fried cornbread with melted butter slathered on it. I hadn’t made fried cornbread in too many years! Efren had never had it and really liked it.



The fried cornbread is so easy to make. I need to do that more often! This is the recipe I got from my mom many years ago, and the one she made for us when I was growing up.

1 1/2 cups cornmeal

1T flour

1 tsp salt

boiling water (almost 2 cups)

Heat vegetable oil,  Crisco, or oil of your choice in a skillet, preferably cast iron. Mix your dry ingredients, then stir in boiling water until your batter is moist enough to form into balls of dough that you can then mash into patty shapes. Fry until crisp. They fry up quick, so keep an eye on that skillet. Top with butter and enjoy!

I will freeze part of the leftover beans to use another day, and part of them will definitely end up as frijoles refritos over the next couple of days.

I did get the backing for baby Chase’s quilt pieced and loaded on the longarm this afternoon. I found a piece of leftover batting that is just barely, and I mean barely, big enough. I’m going to try to use it and hope I don’t regret my decision. If tomorrow goes as planned, I will finish loading it on the machine and get a bit of stitching done. I haven’t decided exactly what I want to do on it, but it should be a fun one to do!



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