Latest Quilt Projects

While I was MIA from Blogland, I did finish Caleb’s quilt and it looks so good on his big boy bed, in his new bedroom. My son and daughter-in-law bought a new house in my neighborhood this summer. I’m loving having them even closer! It’s literally less than a five  minute walk from my door to theirs.


This weekend, I finished the top to baby Chase’s quilt. I absolutely love the 10 minute block pattern. So much fun to whip out the blocks. Almost instant gratification! Even though the pattern designer has the how-to video posted on You Tube for free, I love this so much that I ordered the pattern book to support her efforts.  Now, I only wish I could remember where I put it! I swear, sometimes I feel like I spend at least half my life looking for misplaced or “placed in a safe spot” items. 😡


I’m really looking forward to getting it loaded on the longarm and getting to do some quilting again! Sure have been missing spending some quality time with my beloved A-1, Corky.

That pretty much catches you up on any quilty happenings around here since the last pre-wedding post. And, that’s a wrap for this evening. See you soon!