Ahhhh Sweet Saturday

I love Saturday mornings when I can just slow down a little. There’s no rush to drink my coffee and get a workout in before getting ready to hurry off on my way to work or somewhere. This morning, as I sip and write, I’m snuggled in soft flannel sheets, under a quilt I made with a buttery soft flannel backing. That isn’t the case for my Efren, though, as he had to head out the door to work before 7 a.m. The quilt, I admit, is actually still a WIP, but it is on the bed anyway. Maybe looking at it like this will push me to get the binding made and attached and I can work on the hand stitching while sitting in bed watching tv in the evenings. That is all it lacks, plus some thread tail trimming  I was going to knot and bury them all but I gave up on that chore a long time ago, and thus it has set unfinished for more years than I care to think about now. I love this quilt and it looks so nice on the bed. I must finish it soon!

image image

I don’t need to tarry too long this morning, however, as I have household chores calling and I need to run out and grab Miss Bella a bag of dog food, and check on my parents and see if I need to get anything for them while I’m out and about. And, there are birthday presents to wrap. Today we will celebrate Caleb’s upcoming 5th birthday. Him coming into my world has been such a blessing. He brought so much joy and light after the passing of my late husband. “I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born”, says the Lord. Isaiah 66:9. That verse has proved itself so true for me. So many new changes in my life. New loves and joys and blessings have flowed abundantly post loss. I’m so thankful for each and every one.

On my bad days, days where the struggles with my dad’s Alzheimer’s is worse, days when some chronic physical pain I deal with is worse, days when I feel I can’t take the work stress, or just feel that there are too many demands on my time, etc., I remind myself that even my worst days are so much better than many people’s best days. So much better. Life is fast paced. Life is full. Life is life. Life is amazing.

Life is full of sweet moments that I wouldn’t have wanted to miss for the world. Like getting a makeover from a four year old boy. During which he excitedly stated ” you’re looking fancy, Mammy!” Fancy indeed!

image image image image image

Happy, happy times and happy 5th birthday sweet boy! A few days early, but that just gives us longer to stretch out the celebration!