Sunday Rundown

This morning, Efren and I listened to a recorded sermon from one of our favorite area churches on their mobile app. We are making our way through a series on marriage misconceptions. We already completed a set titled “Marriage Makers, Marriage Breakers” and I would recommend them to any married couples. Having previously been happily married for fourteen years, up until May 22, 2011, the day I became a widow, I thought I knew pretty much all I needed to know about how to “do marriage right”. Reality check! Every marriage is different. My relationship and marriage with Efren are very different than what Greg and I shared. I’ve had to learn to adapt to many changes, and learn how to adapt to this new and wonderful partner I’ve been so blessed to have found! Navigating this new path life set out for me hasn’t always been easy, or gone that smoothly,  but without a doubt it’s definitely worth the effort and I’m so excited to be making a new life, memories and adventures at Casa de Ortega with this precious man.

After breakfast and our worship time, we caught up on all the yard work, laundry and a few other household chores. And then, Miss Bella got a bath. She was still a pretty small pup last time you saw her. I better show you a picture today, because once she goes back outside in the morning, it will take her all of maybe thirty minutes to be filthy again. This first one is Efren’s favorite and I say it shows the destructive little monster inside her! She tears everything up!!


Trying to show her sweet side in these last two. Right…. Lol.



I barely got to sit down today, and in all that activity I didn’t even get to take a single stitch in any of my projects. I was really hoping to get the backing made for Chase’s quilt and maybe even get it loaded on the longarm. It wasn’t to be this weekend. That’s a wrap for tonight! Ttyl!

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