…that have become part of our life over recent days. Meningioma, craniotomy, pneumocephalus (air pocket on brain), deep vein thrombosis ( blood clots – both legs), pulmonary embolisms (both lungs), compacted bowel, and the latest, hydrocephalus (excess fluid on the brain).

Today, Greg is having permanent shunts put in to keep the excess fluid drained. Yesterday, a new central line was put in to begin administration of IV nutrition due to inability to eat because of bowel issue. Tuesday, a filter was inserted in his vena cava to prevent anymore blood clots that might break loose out of his legs from reaching his lungs. Thankfully, none of the ones that already had were fatal.

Words I am longing to hear: Mr. Allen, you are doing great and you can go home today.

Please Dear Father in Heaven, let it be soon.

30 thoughts on “Words…

  1. This is disturbing news Randi. We all had hopes he would be in and out and carrying on with an active life by now. These are some serious issues but he is where he needs to be right now. I sure hope everything gets cleared up soon and you BOTH can get back home where you belong. I’m praying for him. Take care of yourself my friend.


  2. Randi, I’m so sorry that you & Greg are experiencing all these hurdles. I’m thankful that you have a strong faith to help you get through these difficult times. My best to you.


  3. Wishing you hear those words very soon Randi! It is so very hard to do what you are doing. Having been there myself, I know you have many, many people praying for your family. We may be far away, but we are with you all the time!


  4. Yikes! Praying that the Father will uphold both of you with His mighty right hand! Praying also for total healing.

    Please tell me you have chocolate!!!


  5. Not an easy road to travel, but many are holding you both close in their hearts Randi and will continue to for the duration. Sending warm hugs and healing thoughts.


  6. Oh Randi, I wish I could come and give you a hug! Hang in there, we are all praying for Greg to improve and heal every day so that the day you hear he can go home is soon!!


  7. You have so many praying with you and for Greg!! Life just isn’t fair sometimes! I know how you are feeling! I went through something very similar a year and a half ago!! Just have faith in the doctors and keep praying!! Greg must be strong to have made it this far..he isn’t going to give up! I’ll say an exta prayer for him! Take care of yourself too!!


  8. Oh Randi, What a rough trial you guys have been given. We’re praying that it be His will is to get Greg home and healthy soon!


  9. This is sounding like one of those dreams that go on and on.
    My heart goes out to you both, and yes it will be so great when they send him home.


  10. Keeping you both in my thoughts, hugs to you. Hoping this is the day where it will all turn around and that your prayer will be answered.


  11. Randi- Still sending prayers and healing thoughts for Greg. Sending you tons of hugs ((((((((((Randi)))))))))). Know we are all thinking of you.


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