…that have become part of our life over recent days. Meningioma, craniotomy, pneumocephalus (air pocket on brain), deep vein thrombosis ( blood clots – both legs), pulmonary embolisms (both lungs), compacted bowel, and the latest, hydrocephalus (excess fluid on the brain).

Today, Greg is having permanent shunts put in to keep the excess fluid drained. Yesterday, a new central line was put in to begin administration of IV nutrition due to inability to eat because of bowel issue. Tuesday, a filter was inserted in his vena cava to prevent anymore blood clots that might break loose out of his legs from reaching his lungs. Thankfully, none of the ones that already had were fatal.

Words I am longing to hear: Mr. Allen, you are doing great and you can go home today.

Please Dear Father in Heaven, let it be soon.


Goodbye Meningioma

Finally, the tumor has been eradicated. Surgery went as surgeon expected. Just took a little longer. He is in ICU and very miserable. But, I’m so incredibly grateful he is here! Now, we have to make it through all the possible post op complications. One is that he not develop a spinal fluid leak, and he must remember not to blow his nose for eight weeks. These things could lead to meningitis. Thanks again for all the prayers and encouragement!