Goodbye Meningioma

Finally, the tumor has been eradicated. Surgery went as surgeon expected. Just took a little longer. He is in ICU and very miserable. But, I’m so incredibly grateful he is here! Now, we have to make it through all the possible post op complications. One is that he not develop a spinal fluid leak, and he must remember not to blow his nose for eight weeks. These things could lead to meningitis. Thanks again for all the prayers and encouragement!

29 thoughts on “Goodbye Meningioma

  1. Whew! Thank goodness. Now on to recovery, no nose blowing for eight weeks? That would be really hard for me, I can’t imagine. But a small thing really, you are both blessed.


  2. You and your sweetie have been in my thoughts and prayers, and I’m so glad to hear the surgery went well! God is good!!


  3. I’m so happy that his surgery went well. After this ordeal, I hope he is blessed with a speedy and comfortable recovery. Hang in there Randi. Better days are just around the corner.


  4. This is such good news! Grumpy is good.
    Here is to a good and fulsome recovery. And now is the time for you to look after yourself. The stress of the last few weeks will have taken a lot out of you, take a little break before he comes home.


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