Well, it’s been awhile

The surgery went smoothly. The recovery not so much. He was just moved from surgical ICU to a regular room on the neuro floor today. I am much too exhausted to go into much detail, but he has a pneumocephalus (air pocket) in his head. It is getting smaller, but it is day after day of pain. Moments of relief scattered in from morphine and other drugs. He was actually doing quite well until Wednesday. They think he had some spinal fluid drain from his nose and unclamped the lumbar drain to drain his csf again. That is when the horrible pain began and the air pocket was found by ct scan the next morning. These have been difficult days indeed. O a bright note, my mom is feeling great!

24 thoughts on “Well, it’s been awhile

  1. Oh Randi, I was so hoping that it would be a smooth and quick recovery. I have been keeping you in my thoughts and truly hope that darn air pocket just up and evaporates PDQ. Please take good care of yourself. Yeah for your Mom – thank goodness for her regaining good health.


  2. I was JUST thinking about you and wondering how things were going. I’m so sorry to hear he is having such a rough go of it. I pray they get this fixed soon and his pain is relieved. I will be praying for you and your husband. I’m so sorry he is having so much pain. Be well, my friend.


  3. I also hope that things get better for Greg. Big hugs to you, and YEAH! for your mom. My thoughts and prayers are always with you. Big hugs.


  4. Hopefully the pain will be subsiding quickly now that they know what is causing it, and can treat it. Here’s to the rest of Greg’s recovery going smoothly and easily, and pain free! Please take care of yourself, he will need you healthy and strong when he gets home.


  5. I’m so sorry that this has been such a difficult time for your husband (and you, too). You both have been in my thoughts often.


  6. Somehow I thought you were home. I’m so sorry this nightmare is still going on for you both. Hopefully he will feel much better soon,
    with love,


  7. My thoughts and the entire quilt guild are with you. Our prayers are for guidance for the doctors/caregivers and physical/emotional strength for Greg and especially you. We love you and will be praying for you.



  8. This is several days past your last post, and I sincerely hope and pray that in the days since you last wrote, your dear man is recovering, and will be without pain and heading towards health again.. I KNOW it is such a trial for you, him and family and loved ones! While you might not always know it, many people are thinking of you and praying for his and your welfare. May God Bless you both.


  9. Randi, You & Gregg are both in my prayers. I cannot imagine what you are going thru but God knows. Just know you are loved. Nelle


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