longarm quilting

I think I’m finished!

Whew! I took this off the machine today.  It’s a big one, so it’s hard to get a full picture of it at once.  I will say that the border does not look the same in person as it does in the photo.  I like it much better in person.  It doesn’t seem to photograph well.  However, Erma, if you don’t like it, I can load it back up and add some more quilting.  I’m thinking that I might like to just add a line of echoing on each side of the design.  I also thought about stippling around it, which would take up the fullness, but and make the design really stand out, but…I’m afraid that would make the border too flat for the rest of the quilt.

The technical stuff: I used So Fine thread.  The batting was supplied by my client, and is Soft Shape poly batt by the Putnam Co.  Very high loft and gives lots of definition to the stitching, and held up very well during quilting. I used an assortment of tools on this one.  I used my Circle Lord to do the circles around the stars, and the feathered wreath spines.  I used these stencils:

Fleur de Lis by Pepper Cory
I think this one is by Helen Squire.
The only info on these is "The Stencil Company".

And I used all these rulers.

I hope to get started on the next one tomorrow!  It is Erma’s, as well.  A big double wedding ring!

16 thoughts on “I think I’m finished!

  1. Oh, my! That’s a lot of equipment used for this quilt… and it all shows! 🙂 Not only is the quilting wonderfully worked, but I love the designs you’ve used, Randi.
    You’ve set the bar really high for Erma’s quilts! ha
    Not that you asked, but I like that border. Once the binding is attached, it will be balanced.
    Looks like Rene’s arcs in the last photo; did you use them for the curved crosshatching? Which appears to be perfectly done, btw. I’d like to call you a *show off*, but I know you’re just too sweet for that.

    I’m looking forward to Erma’s next quilt. 🙂


  2. WOW!!!! That is an awesome quilt and the quilting is amazing! I love all the quilting motifs you chose, I get so much inspiration for my own quilting seeing quilts like this. I am definitely going to look for some of those stencils!


  3. Wonderful quilting, Randi! Your client should be pretty excited to see what you have done. Thanks for showing the stencils and tools that you used -helps newer LA’ers like me. What size of the Judalators did you use? I need to order one or two, and am not sure which sizes would be most useful.


  4. Erma is a lucky lady. Not only is her quilt fabulous, but your quilting is out of this world. Ok, I know I’ve said this afew times before, but Im amazed at this top….your work is wonderful……I can only aspire to do so well !! I know, practice, practice, practice. How long have you been quilting?
    A-1 Elite


  5. BEAUTIFUL quilting! Really breath-taking, and adds wonderful depth and movement to the quilt! Outstanding! 🙂


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