I hate to bore you, but…

I’m still quilting away on my quilt, trying to get it finished in time for the Circle Lord challenge. So all I have for you is more pictures of the same old quilt.

I do have a gadget report to share.  I used this neat little open rope template from the Gadget Girls, for the first time.  I will definitely be using this one again.  I really like the way it looks and I found it easy to use.  I don’t quite have the corner turning down to a science yet.  This first corner is how I think they all should be, but somehow, I couldn’t wrap my brain around making it work out that way on the next corner. Two corners are one way, and two corners are another way.  I look at the photo on their website, showing the corners, and I think…oh, I get it…but when I get to the actual quilt…I can’t quite  figure it out.  I hope it’s ok like this…I think I can live with it.